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Health Plus Kannada Tv serials on Suvarna tv
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Health Plus is a health based chat show which got aired on the Suvarna TV channel. It is a Kannada language series which got broadcasted every day barring Sunday i.e. from Monday to Saturday. The program invited a number of renowned health experts and doctors to come and take part. They all answered queries from the viewers and shared tips on how to adopt a better and healthier lifestyle. The household name, Aparna, got recruited for hosting the show. She has invited eminent experts such as Dr. Devi Shetty and Dr. Ashok Pai over the course of this show. 

The guests, who invited to come and talk were very well-known names in the medical profession. They solved all kinds of problems which the viewers sent in. They then shared their experience as well as advice on how to get better. They also chatted and discussed on various health related issues with the anchor and suggested common things. These tips include things like how to remain fit even in the summer months or episodes dedicated to women and how they should be taking care of their health once they reach the age of forty years old. Some episodes were also dedicated to staying fresh and vitalised after returning from office after a hard day’s work. Health Plus invited all kinds of leading experts to talk and discuss regarding daily health problems we come across in the midst of our day to day life. These experts and doctors come with vast experience which they share with the audience. Their guidance is often simple and which can be easily incorporated into our day to day life without too many hassles.

Some of the audience members also send in their queries through video recordings which are then played out. They explain their ailment and symptoms based on which the doctors assist them with advice and the requisite course of action. These cases are mostly those who need immediate treatment and have been suffering for some time. Moreover, there are also special segments and episodes. Issues like how to control our stress in the daily working environment, health-related tips like that of practicing yoga regularly or dietary and nutrition intake modification, are also taken up during the episodes. Home remedies consist of a special segment so that viewers can make use of handy everyday items which they otherwise wouldn’t be aware. The treatment isn’t all based on allopathic remedies, however. There are also episodes which discuss the varying genres of medicines like Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Acupuncture, and even Magneto therapy.


Jyothi Rai Kannada TV-Actress
DOB: 23 February 1985
Jyothi Rai
Radhika Pandit Kannada TV-Actress
DOB: 7 March 1984
Radhika Pandit
Aparna Kannada TV-Actress
Sudeep Kannada Movie Actor
DOB: 2 September 1973
Haripriya Kannada Movie Actress
DOB: 29 October 1991
Hunsur Krishnamurthy Kannada Director
DOB: 9 February 1914
Hunsur Krishnamurthy