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Lakumi Kannada Tv serials on Suvarna tv
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Lakumi is a Kannada soap opera which was telecasted on the channel Star Suvarna. Star Suvarna is a Kannada channel owned by the Star Network. The show was telecasted in the year 2010. The show gave more than 450 episodes and was a huge hit amongst the audience and also one of the longest running television shows during that time.

The last episode of the show was aired in the year 2012. Lakumi is a drama serial that focusses on the comparisons between the life of women living in the urban and rural areas from the view-point for a young girl. The show highlights a major social issue as to how women are treated in the villages and how they are treated in the city areas. Ramesh Krishna Bio coming soon... >> Read More... is the director of the show. Prakash‘s production house ‘Sri Jaimatha Combines ‘is the producer and Prakash have written the screenplay for the serial.

The story talks about a young girl named Lakumi. Lakumi is a 14-year-old girl living in a village with her family. She is very much loved by her mother, and the villagers also adore her. She is a very innocent girl who sees the world from her own pure mind. She has a pure heart, and for her, the world is a very beautiful and good place and has no evil.

She wants to get out of the village and live in the town. She has a lot of aspirations and wants to do something in her life. She dreams of going to town, studying further and live her life there. But since childhood, the only things that have been in her sight are her parents and her village. People of the town are like role models to her. But destiny has something else planned for her. She is married off at a very young age.

After the marriage, she sees the real journey of life, her journey of becoming an adult and learning about the evils that exist in the society like superstitions, child marriage and inequality and unfair treatment towards women. She learns about the good and bad differences between village life and town life. On the other hand, the story talks about a character named Navya. Navya is a young girl, born and brought up in the city and has a life which is a total contrast to the life of Lakumi.

The show shows us the difference between the village and urban life and how these two girl’s lives change with time. The lead role of Lakumi has been played by actress Sushma. Sushma made her debut to Indian television with the show. Navya’s role has been portrayed by Navya Swami. The character gave her immense popularity and also quite a few awards and recognitions. The other supporting characters of the show have been played by Pradeep, Pramod, Sowmya, Gurunandan, etc.



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