Chitrapama Banerjee

Other names of Chitrapama Banerjee: Chitrapama Bannerjee

Chitrapama Banerjee is a very popular, prominent and talented actress who has acted in many successful Hindi television serials in various pivotal and challenging roles. Chitrapama Banerjee who has been an active theater artiste for years now belongs from a well-educated upper-middle-class Bengali family from Kolkata, West Bengal but born and brought in the glamour hub Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Chitrapama Banerjee came into prominence with the Zee TV’s hit serial Maa in which she played the lead role and won many awards and accolades for her brilliant acting performance and was praised by everyone.

Next Chitrapama went on to appear in another family drama daily soap of Zee TV which was basically a love story of a young couple with several twists and turns and with mythological reference. The serial was called Ram Milaaye Jodi. Chitrapama in this serial essayed the role of a feisty Punjabi lady called Amrit Bedi who was the aunt of the main female lead of the serial. The serial Ram Milaye Jodi was also a success and added further to the existing fame of the actress. After this, she went on appear in numerous small character roles in various hit and successful serials.

A few years back, Chitrapama Banerjee got married and became a mom and took break of 2 years post motherhood. She made her comeback with Star Plus’s blockbuster serial Tujh Sang Preet Lagai Sajna- a love story with difference in a pivotal character. Chitrapama Banerjee was recently seen acting in the second season of Zee TV’s hit and successful Hindi television serial Punar Vivah- Season 2 as the mother of the main male protagonist of the show. She was also seen acting in Sony TV’s Dil se…Khoobsurat which also became very popular.

Another Version Of This Bios: 

Chitrapama Banerjee as is her full name has been a TV actress who had come into the world of TV serials in early 2000 and continued with breaks in between till around 2012. Nothing much has been heard about her thereafter, in the context of TV serials or film roles, although at one time in 2011 she was tipped to get a mother’s role in the comeback movie of Raveena Tandon Raveena Tandon is an Indian film actress who is kn >> Read More... Raveena Tandon . In fact, Chitrapamaa’s career history has been somewhat clouded by the fact that at various stages in her career she has changed her screen name and hence there seems to be a loss of continuity for a proper record of her appearances.

As per her own admission, she started her career in 2000 with the Sony TV serial “ Thodi Si Bewafai Thodi Si Bewafai is a sensitive serial broadcasted >> Read More... Thodi Si Bewafai ”, but on the insistence of the producers of the serial, she used the shorter name of ‘ Diya Click to look into! >> Read More... Diya ’, instead of Chitrapama Banerjee. However, she used her original name for the 2004 Sahara One serial “Kamini Daminini”, which incidentally was Hema Malini’s debut TV serial and was based on Hema’s own hit film “ Seeta Aur Geeta Seeta aur Geeta is an Indian Television drama seri >> Read More... Seeta Aur Geeta ”. Although this was a reasonably successful serial, Chitrapaa seems to have gone into a shell after this, presumably for setting up her family and settling down to domestic responsibilities.

She, however, got a recall in 2009 and was featured in the lead role for the Zee TV serial “Maa”. Getting back into the world of serials she decided to use just her first name Chitrapaa for her screen identity, having got married in between to makeup professional, and even becoming a mother. In fact, she declared that being a real mother had helped her portray her screen role much better and with conviction, making the serial one of the most popular ones on Zee TV at that point of time in 2009-2010. Overall Chitrapamaa’s career has been a chequered one with her high point being her role in the serial “Maa”, but after that, not much was heard about her, perhaps due to the fact that she seemed more inclined to fulfill her domestic obligations towards her family rather than lead a typical actress’s career.