Hemant Mishra is one of India's best-known theater actors who acted in Hindi movies and Television series too. He was born in 1960. He graduated from National School of Drama(1978). The actor is from Delhi where he acted in many TV serials for Doordarshan and a few Hindi movies. He mostly played character actor in the movies. He worked in various kinds of characters on screen and had entertained viewers. The first break he got was in the Hindi movie ‘Ek Ruka Hua Faisla’(1986) where he played a juror along with eleven other jurors in a courtroom. Basu Chatterjee directed the movie. The movie received critical acclaim as it was an adaptation of an American Motion Picture ( 12 Angry Men). In1989, he acted in a commercial movie of Sunny Deol and Sridevi ‘Joshilaay. Shekhar Kapur Shekhar Kapur is a renowned Indian actor, director >> Read More... directed some scenes in the movie. Then, he ditched efforts halfway through the movie's production. Shekhar Kapur, who was planning “Bandit Queen,'', had cast this actor in a character role. Later on, Mani Ratnam Mani Ratnam is an Indian filmmaker deeply rooted t >> Read More... signed him for a cameo role in a movie ‘Dil Se’.

The actor made more mark in theater and stage by acting, directing and even writing a story for plays that was hosted on stages. His involvement in theater provided him with the opportunity to work with many distinguished actors. With every drama and plays that he hosted on stage never stopped, and he tried to get better and better working with people he thought are going to bring something new out of stage performances. He had undertaken then to directing more than 23 plays ( a few can be listed like ’Shrad,' “Kafan,' ‘Paper Wait’ etc.).

He also lost a part of his youth to the fame and success of many drama projects in which he had acted.  Those dramas fared well with audiences( a few can be listed like ‘Oh America’,’ Awaaz Ka Nilam’ and ‘Chakra’).

He also acted in plays that he directed and even wrote. The actor has hosted over 1,500 open stage plays. The actor also started Tarrce Theater since 1981 in New Delhi.

Hemant also directed some TV plays and written script for few TV series too. He directed TV series like Jyoti Jyoti was a very successful Hindi serial aired on >> Read More... , Chhotu Motu, Akeli, and Tun Tuniya, etc. He wrote TV scripts for series like ’ Super Six’ and ‘Jyoti’ etc.

Hassan Niazi Hindi Actor

Hassan Niazi

Hassan Niazi is an Actor and a Model belonging to Pakistan. He was born on the 3rd of February 1981. He appears in television series and films in Pakistan. Hassan Niazi was born in Lahore, which is located in Pakistan. Hassan did not directly enter the cinema industry . Instead he commenced his career by appearing in Pakistani television series. He gained popularity and had several series to be performed in. Hassan Niazi made his Lollywood-(The film industry of Pakistan situated in Lahore) debut in 2008 through the film Ramchand Pakistani in which he played the role of character ‘Deepak’ and the film was directed by Pakistani director Mehreen Jabbar who had won the Public Popularity Award or the People Choice Award for her film in 2008. His film was also released in India. The film has won the Best Film award and many other awards internationally too. Hassan Niazi gained his fame from the television series Azar Ki Aayegi Baraat a television drama series in which he played the lead role of the character Azar in 2009.Some of his brilliant performances are also seen in television series like Sipahi Maqbool Hussain in 2008 which is a serial based on the real life of a soldier of Pakistan Maqbool Hussain who was caught and imprisoned by the Army of India in the war of 1965 and he had spent nearly 40 years of imprisonment in the Indian jail. It was created by ISPR and had a total of 6 episodes, Ishq ki Inteha which a thrill consisting of Drama, a pinch of Romance and Crime, Ek Tamanna Lahasil Si (2012) is a Pakistani Drama Series aired on Hum Tv a Pakistani channel on the 3rd of October 2012, Meri Behn Meri Devrani (2012), His recent television series are Tum Mere Pass Raho (2015) which is based on a novel by the writer Enam Hassan is a romantic drama. Hassan Niazi’s upcoming Big Screen project is Maalik, which will be releasing on the 8th of April 2016.


Hitesh Agrawal

Hitesh Agrawal was a small town boy who aspired to become an actor. He was born in Surat, Gujarat. Hitesh grew up watching movies of Akshay Kumar and Jackie Chan, which inspired him to pursue his career in Acting. He came to Mumbai carrying the same dreams with which 80 percent of people who arrive in Chatrapathi Shivaji Station have come. Being a great admirer of Akshay Kumar and Jackie Chan, he trained himself in Mixed Martial Arts, Gymnastics, Jumping, free running, Stunts and yoga for four years. He also mastered the art of Parkour which is a form of free-running and Jumping over any obstacle just by using our body abilities and movements. After convincing his family to study Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from Mumbai, he reached the city and immediately joined Shiamak Dhawan Dance Academy and also learned Theatre and Indian Drama. Later seeing his zeal and determination, his family allowed him to join Whistling Woods International Institute of Acting, (established by noted Directed Subhash Ghai in 2006) for a one-year acting course. At his Acting School, Hitesh was appreciated by veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah for his talent, and he was awarded the best Student Actor award of that year. In the first year of training, he got his debut movie offer in a lead role in the Movie “Shabaash – You can do it” directed by Shankar Mondal. Hitesh played the character of Neil, who is from a small town, who comes to the city and notice that things are very different, he changes himself into a better person by learning yoga, gymnastics, and dance. Hitesh claims that the character Neil is similar to his real life character. Shabaash released on 20th November 2009 and failed to impress the audience, however, Hitesh was critically acclaimed for his dance and physique.

Hitesh Agrawal Hindi Actor