Anivaran Jyoti Hindi Actor

Anivaran Jyoti was a youthful charm in the television show. He appeared in a TV show’ Dil Dost Dance’ written by Salim Syed and produced by Prem Kishen and Sunil Mehta Sunil Mehta is a renowned film and TV producer who >> Read More... Sunil Mehta . Sahil Sharma Sahil Sharma is a young and talented actor who has >> Read More... Sahil Sharma directed the show. The actor was seen narrating a lover who was rejected by her girlfriend. It was a dance-based show that traced the college guys deep interest in dance and fall in love with their partner.

Dil Dosti Dance Haritha is a TV actress. She started her acting ca >> Read More... Dil Dosti Dance ’ was a show like ’Anybody Can Dance’ (ABCD) where college school and girls had to demonstrate their skills and abilities for dance performances. Anivaran Jyoti was a fresh talent who fitted the role perfectly. He had to bring a lot of emotions around his love and friendship. The show ran for a number of seasons in V Channel, and it was a Cinevista Limited production show, and the production was scouting for few fresh talent to make the show which would have youth flavor and freshness.

After appearing in a few auditions, he was selected for the show and did his job quite well. Anivaran Jyoti has a modeling look and a perfect match for doing even some advertisement. The show on Channel V was an instant hit, and the actor made his impact. But later nobody knows where this actor had vanished!