Swati Shah has been a part of the Indian Entertainment Industry for a decade. She has been casted in many television series and won quite a few awards for the characters she played. For instance, In 2007 Zee Rishtay Awards, Swati was awarded with the title of favorite Saas; In 2011 Star Parivaar Awards, she was again awarded with the title of favorite Jethani.

There is a list of TV serials she has been a part of, one of the most popular serial, Saath Nibhaana Saathiya (3 May 2010 – Present), aired on star plus, she plays the role of mother-in-law of one of the lead character, Rashi. Her character in the serial is sweet and nice; she always forgives whenever someone makes mistakes and always likes to teach them a lesson by talking to them and telling them about their mistakes.

Swati has been a part of other hit TV series, such as Baa Bahoo Aur Baby (August 5, 2005-February 21, 2010), aired on Star Plus, and Teen Bahuraaniyaan (March 26, 2007-January 9, 2009), aired on Zee TV.
She is almost the same in person, as the characters she portraits, that is one of the reasons why she is liked by her viewers so much, as to them her acting looks natural. She also plans on staying in the industry and play different roles in different serials as she believes that the TV Industry is where she belongs.
Swati Chitnis Hindi Actress

Swati Chitnis

Swati Chitnis has been a part of both Hindi entertainment industry and Marathi entertainment industry for decades. She entered the acting industry when she was bright and young, and even though she is not young anymore, she still holds a spot in the industry.She has been casted in many movies, such as Road to Sangam (2010) and Rajjo (2013). She played a supporting role in both of the movies, but due to her acting skills, her presence was felt on the screen. As of late Swati Chitnis has been seen in a TV arrangement, named Sasural Simar Ka (25 April 2011 – Present), aired on Colors TV. The serial spins around two young ladies belonging to a middle class family, who are supposed to wed two siblings, yet because of some unforeseen happenings both the young ladies wed divorced grooms. In the serial, Swati played the character Shoba.Swati had a supporting character to play, yet her fans still appreciated her work because of her eagerness to try her hardest without fail. In a meeting she said, "No work is huge or little, it is your brain that makes it little or enormous.”The reason why fans love her is because of her loving personality. She can adapt to any character she is given and show the best of her skills when she performs. Even though her acting career has up’s and down’s, and she took some long breaks before appearing again in the industry but still she managed to hold her place as she appeared again in a list of new movies and in a TV series.