Arun Singh Rana

Other names of Arun Singh Rana: Arun Rana

Arun Singh Rana is a well-known face of Indian Television especially for the fans of Indian Mythology. He played the role of the beloved and humble king, Pandu, in the mythological drama ‘Mahabharata’ which ran from September 2013 to August 2014 on Star Plus. Through his portrayal of Pandu, Arun Rana has showcased the King of Hastinapur in a different light. The father of the Pandavas in not remembered as a major character in the epic. However, Rana has done perfect justice to the humble and just king which has left him with a huge fanbase. Arun Rana has also appeared on other popular TV shows like Divya Aur Baati Hum in which he plays a Kabaddi player and also in Yeh Hai Aashiqui Yeh hai Aashiqui is a Hindi story serial being air >> Read More... Yeh Hai Aashiqui in which he plays the character of a college student. Rana originally belongs to Delhi and before appearing on Television he had already made a name for himself through his numerous performances in the theater. His latest TV stint was on an episode on Disney Bindass’s Halla Bol Halla Bol is a popular Hindi TV show telecasted on >> Read More... Halla Bol , a show which deals with crimes against woman.

Arun played an antagonistic role and a totally alternate one from the humble king that we were so used to seeing. On his decision to take up a negative role Arun comments that he fluctuated about playing such a character, but since it was for the cause of women upliftment in which he whole-heartedly believes in, he accepted it. Arun's mythological appearances have not solely been restrained to TV either; people can recognize him from his stint in the 2001 Shahrukh Khan starrer, Ashoka the Great where he played the role of a farmer. Some other movies in which Rana has played a part are Tere Naam and Chalte Chalte Click to look into! >> Read More... Chalte Chalte . In March 2015, Arun surprised everyone when he announced his involvement in the Indonesian musical soap opera Kuch Kuch Dagdut(KKD), a show which airs on P.T. Indosiar Visual Mandiri, a national television channel in Indonesia.