Ujjwal Chopra is an Indian actor who is best known for his multiple appearances in television serials and commercial Hindi movies. He is considered as a famous face in the television advertising commercials. During his initial modeling days, he appeared in a lot of advertisement campaigns for some of the most reputed organizations and brands.

Back in 2003 he was seen in the famous movie ‘Waisa Bhi Hota Hai Part 2’ (2003), which was a sequel of the movie of the same name. He was seen in different movies playing a wide variety of roles. His some works are ‘ Hijack’ (2008) ‘ Love Khichdi’ (2009), ‘ Bittoo Boss’ (2012), ‘ Maximum’ (2012) & ‘ Special 26’ (2013)and later hung up his boots in the film industry for a while due to unknown reasons.

He was seen trying his luck in a Malayalam movie ‘Take off’ (2017) which was an enormous success in the Mollywood industry and later in the Indian epic ‘Padmavat’ (2018) which was a blockbuster where he showcased an astounding performance in the role of Gora Singh, which along with Badal fought the troops of the mighty Alauddin Khilji to rescue Rani Padmavati and Maharaja Maharwal Ratan Singh.

Coming towards his Tv shows and series, he was seen as a male protagonist in the serial called ‘ Sukh By Chance’ (2009) & Gulaal ‘Zindagi Ka Har Rang...Gulaal’ has been known to t >> Read More... (2009). In ‘Gulaal’, he played a different role of a transgender whose identity got revealed before her marriage. He was appreciated by the viewers for this role.

Besides his usual roles in drama series he also experimented a lot with the assignments he was choosing. This is evident by the fact that he was also seen in the ‘Epic TV’s series called as Asura Hunters, which was a science fiction based show,  and as he took up the police uniform in ‘Crime Patrol’ India’s number one crime television series till date.

Unlike his usual portrayal of a male antagonist representing middle class or rich class, he has started a lot of experimentation with his roles in these serials. His other noted appearances are in series such ‘Kabhii Sautan Kabhii Sahelli’ (2001), ‘ Raavan’ (2006), ‘Aek Chabi Hai Padoss Mein’ (2006) & ‘Ghar Ek Sapna’ (2007). He is a talented actor who wants to experiment his acting prowess. He seems to be going great with his various new onscreen avatars which is evident from the roles such as Gora Singh.

During an interview with ‘Mumbai Live’ he talked about his future project and stated that he is currently looking forward for one or two upcoming movies and the talks are in initial stages. He was also noted stating about his interests in continuing his tv shows such as ‘Crime Patrol’ & ‘ CID Crimes happens to anybody in this world. You canno >> Read More... ’ due to the availability of new and interesting scripts.