Mehendi Jain Hindi Actress
Mehendi Jain is an Indian television actress. She began her television career with the serial “Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha” in 2012 aired on Colors TV. The show is a love story between a mother of two kids, Megha Vyas and a crime reporter, Mohan Bhatnagar. Mehendi plays the role of Nidhi. Initially, Megha and Mohan hate each other. But, eventually they start falling for each other.
Following this, she bagged her next show “Alakshmi Hamari Super Bahu” in 2012 aired on Life OK. The story is about a girl named Laxmi who is christened as Alaxmi by the villagers. She is a nuisance. She is married to the family Kapadia family where she has to adjust. She plays the role of Mini.

Currently show is working the show “” aired on Zee TV in 2013. She plays the role of Anushka Devi Singh. The show is about a couple Urmi and Samrat. Though Samrat treats her brutally, Urmi continues to maintain her faith in him. She is brought to senses by her friend, Natasha. Thus how Urmi fights for her rights is shown in the show.

Therefore, Mehendi Jain has surely created he fan base by doing fabulous acting on the shows.