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Rakt Sambandh was an Indian Soap Opera which was casted by multiple stars and it made the show thrilling. The story was based on a woman who was visually impaired had overcome her difficulties and complications with the help of her father and four elder sisters. The concept of the show was very unique and hence it created a great impression on the minds of the serial viewers.

The lead cast in the show was named Sandhya, who was Shamrao Savratkar’s youngest daughter among his five daughters. The rest of the daughters of Shamrao were introduced with their husbands. Sandhya got married to a boy named Yuvraj Jagirdar who was very rich. Sandhya was visually impaired and she had lost her eyesight in a mishap. She lost her mother too in that mishap. After the wedding when everybody was waiting for Shamrao, it was unveiled that he had committed suicide. Then the story took an interesting turn. The show went further with each and every daughter in disbelief about their father’s suicide. But the shocking news came from the mouth of Inspector Bhonsle. He told everybody that Shamrao was murdered and the suicide note was written by a man named Maruti Kamble. Nobody recognized him except Shamrao’s fourth daughter’s (Shreya) husband who was named Mohan. But he didn’t disclose it to Police. He rather went to the cameraman. He asked him to delete all the scenes where he was talking with Maruti Kamble. But he didn’t know that the cameraman was also in contact with the Inspector. Then Neeraj got introduced who was the son of Ramesh Pradhan. Ramesh was the accountant of Jagirdar. Neeraj had lost his parents at an early age. Thus Jagirdar’s brought him up. But the story took an interesting turn when Neeraj recalled that Sandhya was the girl whom he saw at Kolhapur and he fell in love with her. He also took some pictures of her. He was shocked hearing the news of Sandhya’s marriage with Yuvraj.

Neeraj tried to cover his pain but in vain as all the family members noticed his mood. They all knew he was a jolly minded person but was in a sad mood. He decided to get over Sandhya and hence decided to delete all the pictures of Sandhya. The show went interesting as Mohan traced Maruti’s location and asked him about his deeds. Maruti told him that he was innocent and he wrote the suicide note because some people asked him to do so and told him that they would give him money. He also gave Mohan the address of his lodge where he was staying. Then Mohan gave Inspector the information but in vain as they found Maruti dead. Rohit gave some paper to Shradha and told her that he would get her father’s house in his name. By mistake, Sandhya entered into a room and she brushed off a woman. She tried to speak to him but the woman was unable to speak. Then DK came into the room and told Sandhya that she had a misconception and there was nobody in the room. But he lied.

Then in a party DK’s wife Sunita was introduced and she was the same woman with whom Sandhya brushed off. Sandhya touched her hand and she realized that it was the same woman. But Sunita was unable to understand how Sandhya remembered her. Sandhya asked this from Yuvraj but Yuvraj scolded her. Sandhya apologized to Yuvraj and Sunita. Sunita came to know that Sandhya had lost her father on her wedding day. DK told her that she was the reason behind Sandhya’s father’s death and asked her to stay away from Sandhya. Mohan confronts to police that he didn’t write the suicide note rather it was written by Maruti and Shreya trusted her. DK asked Sandhya how she remembered Sunita to which Sandhya replied that she remembered her by the bracelet Sunita had worn. Sandhya told Sunita that her father was murdered. Sunita got suspicious and asked DK about it. DK tells her that Sandhya’s father had heard their conversation when she was revealing everything to DK. He asked her to keep her mouth shut.

Neeraj shifted his room next to Sandhya as Puru told her. Sunita heard the conversation of Pankaj and Sarla about money and later she stole it. Sandhya realized it but didn’t tell anyone. Later Sandhya confronted Sunita and Sunita told her that she had stolen the money for giving it to her parents. In the temple, Dr. Pushpa Nigam was shocked seeing Yuvraj married to Sandhya. Dr. Pushpa came to Jagirdar’s house and was amazed to see Sandhya’s sensing ability. Dr. asked everybody why they had married Yuvraj to Sandhya as Yuvraj was a eunuch. But everybody told doctor to stay away from their personal matters. Rohit asked Shradha whether she had took her sister's signature to which she replied negatively. Puru told Neeraj that he had to give birth to a baby by having intercourse with Sandhya as Yuvraj was a eunuch. She told her that Sandhya would not be able to understand as she was blind. Later in their honeymoon Yuvraj called Neeraj to his room. But Sandhya understood the presence of Neeraj. Neeraj felt guilty and told Yuvraj that he would not be able to do it. But Yuvraj told him that he knew Neeraj had feelings for Sandhya and thus he married her because he thought Neeraj would have no problem if he got close to his lover. Inspector Bhonsle informed everybody that the case was shut and shifted to another department. In Jagirdar’s house everybody had known about the sensing ability of Sandhya and hence decided to fool her and somewhat succeeded. But Neeraj revealed it to Sandhya.

Savita invites all of her sisters to her place. Yuvraj goes with Sandhya as he feared that she might disclose to everybody about getting fooled. Neeraj is threatened. Sandhya gets more suspicious and hence she put her phone with an ongoing call in Yuvraj’s coat to understand what was going on. From the room phone, Sandhya hears Yuvraj and Neeraj were fighting. And Neeraj told him that he was a eunuch and Sandhya heard it. But Yuvraj got to know about Sandhya’s plan and that she knew the secret. Later Yuvraj tortured Sandhya every day.

When Yuvraj and DK were drunk, Sandhya came to know the truth that her father was killed by none other than the Jagirdar’s. DK tried to rape Sandhya as Yuvraj wanted a child but Neeraj saved her from being raped. On the day of Sandhya father's Shraddh, Sandhya and Neeraj came to her sister’s house but Yuvraj noticed them and forcibly took Sandhya to a hill where Sandhya took control of the car and Yuvraj got out of the car but Sandhya remained inside the car and the car fell down the hill. Yuvraj couldn’t find her body but Gayatri Devi was following Yuvraj and she took Sandhya out of the car and took her to hospital.

Sandhya got her eyesight back due to this mishap. Gayatri Devi told her that she would take revenge by going back to the home but only as blind Sandhya. Pankaj discloses to everybody that he saw Vrinda in a village. They found Vrinda and ask her for help to which she agreed but demanded a lot of money. Actually Vrinda was Sandhya but she was acting. After some time Anjali started loving Neeraj and thus Sandhya was in trouble as she too loved Neeraj.

But the show ended happily as Sandhya married Neeraj, Anjali married Amol. DK and Yuvraj were arrested and Sarla was killed.

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The show was premiered on the 19th of July on 2010 and it continued till the following year. It ended after completing 185 episodes and ended on the 1st of April on 2011. The show was broadcasted on Imagine TV.


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