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Playdays is a British-English language television serial that gets aired on BBC and CBBC. The genre of the show is Children based. The director of the show is Clare Bradley and the developer is Felgates Production. The total number of serials is 1174. This serial firstly started its airing on 17th October 1988 and ended up on 27th March 1997.

The presenters of the show are Dave Benson Phillips Dave Benson Phillips was born on February 3, 1965, >> Read More... , Vanessa Amberleigh, Karl Wolley, Zoe Ball Zoe Ball is a British radio and television host, a >> Read More... , Simon Davies Simon Davies is a popular British television prese >> Read More... , Sheila Hyde, and Joe Greco. This is the successor of the show named Playdays. The story of this show focuses on the puppets, which are known as Why birds. These why birds include various characteristics Sam Patch, Petty Patch, Poppy, Mr. Jolly, and Trish Cookies.


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