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Care kori na is a Bengali television serial that airs on Star Jalsha. The team launched this series on 16th July 2012. It protrudes for two hundred and three episodes till 9th march 2013. Anindya Bannerjee and Tamal Maity directed this series with Sunjoy Wadhwa and Comall Sunjoy’s production under Sphere origins production. Farhan Imroze Farhan Imroze is a talented Indian television acto >> Read More... , Madhumitha Sarkar, Rohit Mukherjee Bio coming soon... >> Read More... , Dolon Roy Dolon Roy is a Bengali celebrity, who works in Ben >> Read More... , Arindam Sil Born on 12th March 1958, Arindam Sil is an Indian >> Read More... , Saayoni Ghosh Saayoni Ghosh is an Indian Bengali television actr >> Read More... , Dulal Lahiri Dulal Lahiri is a prominent Indian actor and direc >> Read More... , and Tathagata Mukherjee Tathagata Mukherjee was born on May 15, 1985. He i >> Read More... are the leading cast of the series. The story revolves around two medical students Krishnendu and Juni.

Both study in BIMS (Bengal Institute of Medical Science), but Krishnendu is pursuing his 3rd year studies while Juni joins there in the first year. Krishnendu comes from a poor background, and Juni comes from a wealthy, influential family and arrogant daughter of the renowned and influential cardiothoracic surgeon Samaresh Mukherjee. The earlier, when they met each other, they became enemies. Soon Juni realizes the appreciating character of Krishnendu and falls in love with him. When Malabika saw him for the first time, she suspected that his face resembled Saradindu Sengupta.

She secretly investigates and comes to find out that Krishnendu is the son of Saradindu and Kanika Sengupta. Later it is then revealed that Saradindu lives 14 years in prison, which Samaresh was responsible for, and Krishnednu did not know this. Malabika warns him not to meet Juni Anymore that it is not safe for both of them. Hence he avoids her when Juni confesses her love for him. Finally, he accepts her affection, and this makes the story’s turning point. Meghna, the granddaughter of the famous and influential Dr. Subol Majumdar, is involved in the evil system against Krishnendu indirectly by Samaresh. A photographer shoots intimate photos of Krishnendu and Meghna as part of the plan. He then meets with an accident, and Ronit, who is the newly joined doctor, visits him.

Ronit joins hands with Meghna against Krishnendu. Kanika knowing Juni’s identity warns Krishnendu to break their relationship. Meghna and Ronit show the photos to Juni, and thus Juni decides to marry Ronit. Krishnendu recovers and conveys the truth behind the video to Juni. Juni asks her mom to confess that Samaresh lied in the court to send Saradindu into jail. Then the flashback opens to rape and attempts to murder nurse Arunima, who worked in the same Blue Paradise Nursing home where Saradindu and Samaresh worked as doctors.

Juni starts her investigation on the case. Meghna and Krishnendu become close friends when she saves him through her Grandfather due to Juni’s promise. Subol also had an evil side when Krishnedu got a letter written by Arunima with the allegation that Saradindu raped and tried to kill Arunima, and because of this offense, Saradindu is serving jail at Subol’s quarters. He gets furious with his father. Being released from their cell after 14 years, Saradindu kidnaps Juni so that Samaresh could relate to him why he lied against him before the court. Juni compels her father to confess to Krishnendu that Saradindu is innocent. Juni, Krishnendu, and Samaresh visit a mental asylum which treats Arunima is since the brutal attack. Malabika overhears Samaresh's phone conversation and informs Juni and Krishnendu that Arunima will be killed that night in the asylum. Juni, along with Meghna and Krishnendu, rescued her and brought her to Subol's residence, thinking it to be the safest place.

Saradindu hides Arunima in a secret place when she flees from Subol’s killing plan. Subol mistakenly shoots Saramesh, and they take him to the hospital. Then we came to know that Subol is the main culprit and Arunima is Meghna's mother. Saradindu plans to trick Subol and extracts the truth from him. Through this evidence, police arrested Subol. While the police arrest him, he kills Arunima, and the police shoot Subol to death. Meghna donated all of Subol's property to BIMS and left BIMS along with Ronit’s family. Their parents arrange Krishnendu and Juni's marriage after they finish their studies to become doctors.

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Care Kori Na is a Bengali romantic TV drama series, streaming on the channel Star Jalsha. The show aired from 16th June 2012 to 9th March 2013 with a total of 203 episodes with a runtime of 22 minutes per ep. The show covers the thriller genre alongside drama and romance. Coming from a struggling low-income family, Krishnedu (Farhan Imroze) is an intellectual, honest, and short-tempered 3rd-year medical student, studying at Bengal’s Institute of Medical Science (BIMS).

Krishnedu crosses paths with the rich, arrogant, and spoiled Juni, daughter of the renowned and influential cardiothoracic surgeon ‘Samarsh Mukherjee’. The story revolves around Juni and Krishnedu’s rivalry, differences, and drama while Juni faces the hard reality of hostel life at BIMS. Written by Srabasti Basu Bio coming soon... >> Read More... , Pramita Sengupta, Amitava Bhattacharya Bio coming soon... >> Read More... , and Prasenjit Maity; The show is Directed by Anindo Banerjee and Tamal Maity. The Show Lead-casts Farhan Imroz (Krishnedu), Madhumita Sarcar (Juni), Saayoni Ghosh, Dolon Roy and Dulal Lahiri



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