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Phoolmoni is a Bengali serial that aired from 5th September 2016 to 14th January 2017 on Zee Bangla. Kallol Lahiri Kallol Lahiri is a West Bengal, India-based Screen >> Read More... and Pritikana Paul Roy scripted the serial, and Monojit Majumdar directed it. Indraadip Das Gupta composed the theme music. Shibaji Panja Bio coming soon...   Bulbuli Panja Family Tree ( >> Read More... produced the serial under the Vandana Films banner. Santu Dutta cranked the camera. The series has the main star cast with Kinni Modak Kinni Modak (real name Debjani Modak) is an Indian >> Read More... , Subhranshi, Suranjana Roy, Moumita Chakraborty Moumita Chakraborty, the Bollywood actress, is ren >> Read More... , Anamika Chakraborty Bio coming soon... >> Read More... , Rumpa Chatterjee Bio coming soon... >> Read More... , Bharat Kaul Bharat Kaul is an Indian-Actor. He primarily works >> Read More... , Biswajit Chakraborty Biswajit Chakraborty is an Indian film actor who p >> Read More... , Siddhartha Banerjee, and Fahim Mirza. Piyali Mitra Piyali Mitra is a Bengali actress who appeared in >> Read More... , Shaon Dey, Elfina Mukherjee Elfina Mukherjee is an Indian television actress w >> Read More... , Aditya Roy Bio coming soon... >> Read More... , Bulbuli Choubey Panja, and Abhijit Ghosh are playing supporting roles.

Madhabai is a caring woman who loves her family much. She couldn’t conceive due to the health issues of her husband. Jharon is the adopted child of Batasi, who works in Madhabai’s house as a maid. Madhabai has a special bonding with Jharon. When everyone in the house complained about Jharon as a thief, Madhabai understood that she came only for food. Madhabai’s husband had an affair with Anamika to cover his inability to become a father. When Madhabai was forcedly made to get out of the house, she attempted to commit suicide. But escaped miraculously. When Batasi killed her drunkard husband, Madhabai adopted Jharon legally. Later, her family members asked Madhabai to come back to their house but were unwilling to accept the poor girl, Jharon. What did Madhabai do? Did she enter the house with Jharon after convincing the family members or leave home with Jharon? The answers form the rest of the story.

Another Version

“Phoolmoni” is a drama serial that tells a beautiful story regarding the love of a mother for her child which sends a very powerful message regarding the fact that the child is adopted. Madhabai is a woman who is currently childless. She is portrayed as a very hard-working and committed housewife who is loved and adored by her entire family. However, she has not been able to give birth to a child because of her husband’s impotency. Her husband smartly forges the reports and blames Madhabai for being incapable of bearing a child. After finding out the false reports, the family turns their back on Madhabai and treats her as a cursed woman. Madhabai has strong motherly feelings for a child named Jahron. Jahron is a little girl who is adopted by a woman named Batasi who works as a servant in Madhabi’s house. Regardless of her feelings, Madhabai knows that the rest of the family doesn't like Jahron, and when they accuse Jahron of being a little thief, Madhabai is the only one who defends the little girl. Jahron takes a liking towards Madhabai after such incidents.

When Madhabai is shunned by the family and the insults are too much to take she decides to end her life and sorrows by committing suicide when she finds out that her husband has been seeing another woman. However, even though she wants to she can’t go through with ending her life. She decides to leave the house and live in a slum with her former beautician who is more than happy to help her. A short while later she legally adopts Jahron as her own when Batasi is accused of murdering her husband. When the truth about the forged reports comes out, the family regrets their behavior towards Madhabai and invites her back to the house.

However, when Madhabai shows up with Jahron and explains the situation to them, they are reluctant to accept Jahron as their family. Madhabai fights for the rights of her adopted daughter and tries to convince everyone of loving Jahron as their own. Together they overcome all the obstacles that stand in their path.


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