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Bengali Tv Actress Somashri Bhattacharya
  • DOB : 31-01
  • Gender : Female
Written By - Team Nettv4u

From a bachelor dancer to a television actor, Somashri Bhattacharyya has come a long way. She seems to be making a splash in the recently completed programs ‘ Resham Jhanpi A Bengali television series called "Resham Jhanpi" >> Read More... ’ and ‘ Shubho Drishti Story Soon >> Read More... ’. She always wanted to be an actor. She was thrilled to see the characters on screen. The larger screen of life has always attracted the attention of the upcoming actor in the next supernatural drama.

Somashri, from Durgapur, said she wanted to go to Mumbai to continue her acting career. She completed the admission forms of many prestigious Mumbai colleges after his high school exams.

Somashri received recognition at Scottish Church College, Kolkata. In her sophomore year, she met the famous music director Sandy Rong Bio coming soon... >> Read More... , who visited her college to perform. Somashri, a professional dancer, joined Sandy's band and began performing as a backup dancer. But it was not an easy way out. She had to deal with a lot of humiliation during the shows.

She said Unfortunately the dancers who keep the backups do not get enough respect. She used to do sangeet events, corporate shows and other events like a backup dancer. There were times when they were not treated fairly. She realized he was leaving in his dream. She was often upset. ” She used to go to production houses to do a meat role. She comes from a middle-class family and was often upset when she asked her father for money. She also had high costs for his treatment. There were days when she would count the coins together after boarding the car and arrange to go to the next production plant on foot as she had no money.

 After her examination, she was asked to visit the photo sets with her plans. Things are ready for her. Her work was praised for the character Rai in the play ‘Shubho Drishti’. “There was a series of incidents, when Rai lost his mother. Mousumi Di played his mother. She was so distraught that she could not see when it was over. She could not control her emotions. "After the broadcast of this series, she remembers that his neighbors told her that they also made their eyes water," said Somashri.

Her parents supported him during his ordeal and helped her in every way possible. They supported her and rented a flat in Kolkata just for her, even though her father had a high cost of his medicine. she would not forget their war. The day she paid for her father's medication, she felt better.


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