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Written By - Team Nettv4u

Though we have seen and been in many relationships, the one between a brother and sister is always special. Blood relationships have a unique kind of attachment. They be there for each other at hard times. They are the first ones to be for us. This serial focuses on such beautiful brother-sister relationship. Rano and Pari have lost their parents at a young age. And so, they care for each other a lot. They are more of a parent to the other than a brother or sister. They share their happiness and sorrows together. They are even willing to undergo hardships to bring smile to the other. Pari likes Dharpan. But when Rano expresses his wish to get her married to another family, she couldn't disappoint him. So, she agrees to the marriage.

Also, Pari starts liking a woman he met. Pari feels left out at times. Finally, her marriage happens in a smooth manner. They feel heartbroken to separate. They find it hard to live their own life apart from the other. How they handle their new bound relationships? Will their partners understand their bonding and let them be themselves? Well, that becomes the storyline. It airs every Monday to Saturday at 6:00 PM.




Chhabi Biswas Bengali Movie Actor
DOB: 12 July 1900
Chhabi Biswas
Joy Sengupta Bengali TV-Actor
DOB: 14 December 1974
Joy Sengupta
Ankush Hazra Bengali Movie Actor
DOB: 14 February 1989
Ankush Hazra
Gita Dey Bengali Movie Actress
DOB: 5 August 1931
Gita Dey
Kanchana Moitra Bengali Movie Actress
DOB: 27 August 1980
Kanchana Moitra