Telugu Tv Serial Ruthuragalu

Ruthuragalu Telugu Tv serials on Gemini tv

‘Ruthuragalu’ was the first Telugu serial to go on air on Doordarshan. The serial went on air for more than two years without any break. It is said that the Telugu television industry is incomplete without the mention of ‘Ruthuragalu.' Not only the serial created a milestone in the television industry, even the makers of the serial, Naidu Sisters (Manjula Naidu and Bindu Naidu) became a name to get recognized in every home of Andhra. After this serial, both the sisters became the reigning queens of the small screen.

It is a general belief in those days that when the title track ‘Vasantha Sameeranla’ was heard in Doordarshan, every household in the neighborhood and life in the city would stand still. That was the magic of this popular show. Ruthuragalu's title song, ‘Vasantha Sameeranla’ was a unique hit in the television world and remains still fresh in everyone’s mind. Dr. Bunty composed the title song in this serial. It gave a good break to the composer.

The reason why this serial is considered as a mega serial is that of the serial paved way for many budding TV artists who later got name and fame in the film industry. For example, actor Prabhakar Podakandla got great fame only after being cast in this serial. Since the serial is a big hit till date, the maker of the serial takes pride of being associated with the concept that broke all TRPs in the small screen industry.

With every episode, season after season, the serial kept the viewers’ interest alive which led to the increasing count of TRP rates. This eventually paved the way for Naidu sisters to come up with many more innovative serials for the small screen. Telugu, actress Sri Divya, was a person who faced the camera at the age of three with this serial. Director Manjula Naidu spotted Sri Divya at a dance concert of her elder sister’s, and that is how Sri Divya got into acting. Initially, she was signed for a few episodes, later on, due to the public’s interest in her character, her role got extended.