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Manchu Pallaki Telugu Tv serials on Maa tv
Written By - Team Nettv4u
Manchu Pallaki is a relative small series that broadcast on Gemini TV. With only one season and 237 episodes, it was released on 7th May 2013 and from the first episode it became a catchy one. Gemini TV made a statement that Manchu Pallaki was the second most appreciated series in 2013 and the first on top of rating weekly from Monday to Friday at 7:30PM when was broadcast. With a success like this, The Manchu Pallaki has to give credit to actor stars Nanda Kishore Nanda Kishore is one of the multi-talented people >> Read More... and Meena Chandra.

The storyline follows the of Amar, a man that works a lot to increase the well being of his family, his health and his person comes in second place. His job didn’t offer the possibility to see his family daily because he has to go in another city, Vizag. By the style of his life and the simplicity that he has, Swathi started to fall in love with him even that they are best friends. He started to fall in love with her too, and it didn’t matter to him that Swathi is his boss’s daughter. When her father finds out the truth about them and it opposed to the relationship. One day, Amar died in a car accident and Swathi tries to approach the Amar’s family even she is rejected by them and faces lots of problems with her father. The love after death started lots of emotions and for sure it deserves first place on tops when it was broadcast.


Sagar Telugu TV-Actor
DOB: 16 August 1978
Maheshwari Telugu Movie Actress
DOB: 26 August 1977
Anchor Jayathi Telugu Anchor
DOB: 1 October 1985
Anchor Jayathi
Mithra Telugu TV-Actress
DOB: 12 May 1977