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Kalyana Thilakam Telugu Tv serials on Gemini tv
Written By - Team Nettv4u

Gemini TV presents Kalyana Thilakam, a new television drama series, launched on 28th August 2010. With only one season and 483 episodes, it became one of the most appreciated television drama series really fast, according to Gemini TV staff when they presented the data about ratings. Directed by S. Bhastara Rao and with a cast full with stars like Manchu Mohan Babu, Jayasudha, there is no doubt about the success that this television drama series has. The storyline presents Gopinath, the father of three children - Sanskrithi, Kalyan and Vikranth.

The boys are preoccupied to take care of their business and Sanskrithi still studies. Vikranth is married with Bhavana and they decide to take care of the wedding of Kalyan. Chandrakanth, one of Gopinath’s associates, who disappeared 10 years ago came back and told Gopinath that his wife died and this was the reason of his disappearance. With two daughters Sisira and Chaitra, Chandrakanth decided to marry one of his daughters with Kalyan. In this way, Gopinath canceled the wedding of Kalyan and prepared him for a new one. This act started lots of unexpected problems and this television serial started a really twisted story. This series presents more than one story and it seems like this is the reason why Kalyana Thilakam is one of the most appreciated series.




Chandra Mohan Telugu Movie Actor
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Chandra Mohan
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Sonia Mann
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