M. Ankitha

Other names of M. Ankitha: Ankitha Muler
Birthday: 02-01-1996
Age: 23
Star sign: Aquarius

Ankitha is a Telugu Tv actress. She was born and brought up in Bangalore. Her mother tongue is Kannada. Her pet name is Binnu. She started her career through ads and after that she has entered into TV serials. She started her career at very small age. Ankitha has 6 years of experience in serials. She has two younger brothers in her family. She is now studying degree. She came into fame with Adagaka ichina manasu, happy days, and Egire pavurama serials. Her hobbies are karate, dancing, listening to music, driving and swimming.

She is 5 feet 4 inches tall. She likes to watch comedy movies, comedy serials, and comedy shows and overall she likes comedy. Her favourite serial is Amrutham. She likes red and pink colours. She likes to do characters like Negative roles. Her aim is to do more roles to get good name and fame. She likes to spend time with her parents. She acted in Prayogam Telugu movie. She likes all old actors and old actresses. She likes to stay at Bangalore. She acted in Shusidha Jewellers add. She acted almost in all Telugu leading channels.

She participated in different shows like Modern mahalakshmi, Star mahila, and C-real stars. She participated in 2010 national level karate compitetions and she got second place. Ankitha’s best friend is her mother. Her serial characters are much older roles when compared to her real age.

DOB: January 2 1996.

Serials list: Egire pavurama, Anveshana, and Kumkuma Rekha, srilakshmi, happy days, etc.

Haritha Jackie Telugu Actress

Haritha Jackie

Haritha is a TV actress. She started her acting career at the age of 15 years as a heroine in films. She is from Chennai. She acted in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Marathi, Oriya, and Bengali languages. She can speak English, Telugu, Tamil, and Hindi. Haritha’s sister is also an actress, and her name is Ravali. She likes music, dancing, and acting. She is a good dancer and a singer too. She learned classical dance. She likes singers such as Bala Subrahmanyam, one of the legends in Telugu Music industry. She got married on August 14, 2001. Her husband’s name is Jackie. He is also an actor. She has two children namely Mrudula Sri Sai (son) and Sri Sai Samskruthi (daughter). She is a very good actress. She began her Television career since Doordarshan period. Her first serial was Sangarshana on ETV, in which she had acted with her husband. From that serial onwards, they both fell in love. They both shared good understanding. If they were busy in shootings, they used to communicate over the phone (30-40) calls daily. Her hobbies are shopping and singing. At the time of her daughter’s birth, she took a temporary break, and she had put on too much weight after pregnancy. At that time, she got an offer in Kalavari kodallu serial. Then she started fresh with her husband’s encouragement. Now she is doing one of the topmost serials in Telugu that is Kalavari Kodallu. Recently, she got an award for that serial on Zee Telugu. In that serial, she played a character which is much older as compared to her real age, but she played her role very well in that serial. She was saying that the transformation of the character is easy for her. Her dream is to act in all languages like Telugu, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam, and Marathi. She feels more satisfied acting in serials rather than movies. She was saying that movie is classic and serial is like a daily newspaper. She likes acting and dancing. She participated in a dance show with her husband on Zee TV. She participated in many game shows as well. Serials: Sangarshana, Vaidhehi, Manasu, Kalavari Kodallu, etc.


Anju Asrani

Anju Asrani is a North Indian and she is from Surat, Gujarat. Her pet name is Guddi. Her mother tongue is Sindhi and she knows south Indian language Telugu as well. She likes dancing and reading books. She came to fame with Sirisha on ETV. She got her first chance at her college as a model and she did a movie which did not get released and till now, she has done more than 35 serials. She has a boutique and she likes to be an actress as well as a business-women. Anju Asrani is a brand conscious person and at the same time if she likes something she buys. She has 12 years of experience in acting. She loves to work on serials as ‘this gets your acting skills to the tops’. She likes to do characters as dumb and blind; she likes actors like Mahesh Babu and Venkatesh because she likes family oriented movies. Anju Asrani completed her B.Sc and now she is doing her fashion designing and interior designing courses. She has an Animation College. She likes programs like ‘Save Girl Child’ program on Vanitha TV. She is living with her mom, dad, and brother. She started her acting career in the year of 2002. She likes to eat vegetables, fruits, and salads because she is on diet. The secret behind her skin color is that she eats fruits and vegetable leafs. She got fame with the serial of Agnipulu, in which she looks like a Tom boy. Anju’s father’s name is Shamlal and mother’s name is Kishoree, and brother’s name is Amarkumar. She is not married. Anju’s best friend is actress Medha. Serials: Agni Poolu, Egire Pavurama, 'Shubham', 'Sirisha', Melo Sagam, 'Dhamayanthi', etc… Shows: Gadasari Attha Sogasari Kodalu, Star Mahila, 'Wow', Lakku Kikku, Bhale Chancele. DOB: Nov 10.

Anju Asrani Telugu Actress