Alekhya Telugu Actress
Telugu film and TV industry has created many stars who haven’t got big successes in their debut films but they got their break through later films. Alekhya is a fresh face in Telugu film industry. Her mother tongue is Telugu but she is also good at Tamil, Hindi and English. She isn’t a star who started her career early. But she has to seek her career in Telugu film Industry. Director Dr. Rajiv Reddy Gurram saw her on the set of another movie. He called her for audition and got inspired by her acting talent. He offered her a role in his new movie “Theliyadhu”. This was her debut film in Telugu cinema. “Theliyadhu” was an experimental film on system hacks with new faces. The film released in 2010. Film wasn’t a big hit but it gave the new comers a chance to show their abilities.

In 2012 director Akrosh cast Alekhya in his romantic musical saga. This wasn’t a big hit again but the movie produced average business and took Alekhya to spot light.

Alekhya has acted in just three movies yet. Director Anil Gurudu gave her a chance in his Telugu action thriller film “Aa Aiduguru”. The film hit the screen in 2013. She played her role very well but critics criticised it as “Good Script with Bad Execution”. Alekhya is waiting for her big break. She has to wait for what future kept for her.