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Sirimalli Telugu Tv serials on Gemini tv
Written By - Team Nettv4u
Sirimalli is afternoon soap Opera drama telecasted on Gemini TV. The first episode was aired on 1st February 2013 and show stopped abruptly after broadcasting 123 episodes. The last episode to air was on 26th July 2013. Sirimalli means a flower from generation of Jasmine whose scientific name is Jasminum Oleaceae. This is a special breed of jasmine every Indian wants to put in their backyard and popular as favourite flower for gods and goddesses, which assumed to be special for offerings during prayers. Telugu Actor Murali Mohan plays as “Peddayya Garu” , Father of two daughters Mallika (Ashmitha karnani) and Siri (Manisha). Peddayya garu is male protagonist and Siri is female protagonist . Peddayya garu is a noble man with responsibility and fame in the village. He tries to get his younger daughter married to some nice guy but to vain, Krishna (Satish) is one of the servants married her. He faces denial from all the family members as his family obliged to Peddayya family for generations. The story revolves around Siri (Manisha) beauty with obedience and innocence, whose marriage trials are failed by some unknown mystic persons. Mallika the elder sister of Siri tries to expose the culprits behind the scurrilous rumours but to vain. While viewers try to make a wild guess the story takes a drift when Krishna married Siri who was about to tie knot with some gentleman. The reason behind his act seems to be kept undisclosed meanwhile Siri gets kidnapped. The unanticipated turns of the story keeps viewers tangled to watch all the episodes. 
The village atmosphere, emotions played on screen performed a good chemistry in the interests of all viewers.



Preethi Nigam Telugu Movie Actress
DOB: 18 November 1985
Preethi Nigam
Aamani Telugu Movie Actress
DOB: 16 November 1973
Dinesh Baboo Telugu Director
DOB: 17 August 1956
Dinesh Baboo
Jahnavi Telugu Anchor
DOB: 26 March 1985