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Raju Rani Jagapathi powered by Vivel soap was a reality game show with the common people as its participants. Jagapathi Babu was the anchor of the show. ETV Telugu aired the show in March 2013. The game show had GK, games, compatibility and other memory tests. As per the format of the show, there is a total of 8 participants. The participants are couples and in the end, the winner couple is called Raja Rani Jagapathi. Raja denotes Husband; Rani portrays the wife, and Jagapathi is the anchor. Round 1 has the cash prize of 10 lakh, and a wrong answer would simultaneously take away one zero. Each couple has to answer a total of 5 questions. There are games in between as a bonus. Round two has a cash prize of 20 lakh and in every round one couple eliminates.

In round two each couple goes to two different booths and gets 30 seconds each to answer the same question. Round 3 has a cash prize of 30 lakh. The couple goes to two different places and plays the game. In the end, when one couple is there, they get a chance to win more by trying for Jackpot question. People can either take away a big amount or sometimes a short amount. The questions asked from couples are basic general knowledge questions raising the difficulty bar one by one.

The Jackpot question is a big opportunity to win a big amount and also to lose that big amount. There is a game in the middle of the rounds which a couple can play to add zeroes to its amount. The last episode came on 6th June, and the show ended with a total of 26 episodes. It was a tactical show with a lot of genius minds and intelligence attached to it. The show gained a huge amount of popularity. People loved watching Jagapathi as an anchor on screen.



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