Haritha is a TV actress. She started her acting career at the age of 15 years as a heroine in films. She is from Chennai. She acted in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Marathi, Oriya, and Bengali languages. She can speak English, Telugu, Tamil, and Hindi. Haritha’s sister is also an actress, and her name is Ravali. She likes music, dancing, and acting. She is a good dancer and a singer too. She learned the classical dance. She likes singers such as SP Balasubrahmanyam, one of the legends in the Telugu music industry.

She got married on August 14, 2001. Her husband’s name is Jackie. He is also an actor. She has two children namely Mrudula Sri Sai (son) and Sri Sai Samskruthi (daughter). She is a very good actress. She began her Television career in the Doordarshan period. Her first serial was Sangarshana on ETV, in which she had acted with her husband. From that serial onwards, they both fell in love. They both shared a good understanding.

If they were busy in shootings, they used to communicate over the phone (30-40) calls daily. Her hobbies are shopping and singing. At the time of her daughter’s birth, she took a temporary break, and she had put on too much weight after pregnancy. At that time, she got an offer in Kalavari kodallu serial. Then she started fresh with her husband’s encouragement. Now she is doing one of the topmost serials in Telugu that is Kalavari Kodallu Kalavari Kodallu is the most popular series on Zee >> Read More... Kalavari Kodallu .

Recently, she got an award for that serial on Zee Telugu. In that serial, she played a character which is much older as compared to her real age, but she played her role very well in that serial. She was saying that the transformation of the character is easy for her. Her dream is to act in all languages like Telugu, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam, and Marathi.

She feels more satisfied acting in serials rather than movies. She was saying that movie is classic and serial is like a daily newspaper. She likes acting and dancing. She participated in a dance show with her husband on Zee TV. She participated in many game shows as well. Serials: Sangarshana, Vaidhehi, Manasu, Kalavari Kodallu, etc.

Jackie and Haritha had been very much active in the industry. In 2021, they appeared on the show Alitho Saradaga Alitho Saradaga is an interview chat show that has >> Read More... Alitho Saradaga , an interesting celebrity talk show. Popular Tollywood comedian ' Ali Click to look into! >> Read More... Ali ' hosts the show. In that show, Haritha’s husband Jackie opened up about how he got his name. His original name is Janakiram and one of his school teachers changed his name to Jackie said the actor. Jackie and Haritha shared their love story that started while playing on the TV serials. Jackie praised his wife Haritha much and revealed that she has a huge fan following and the fans prefer to get her autograph than his when they both are seen together.

Besides being a successful pair in real life, they are the most preferred and successful on-screen pair. Although Haritha is very popular, she received a huge appreciation for her performance in the role, Akhilandeshwari in the serial, Mudda Mandaram Muddha Mandaram is a Telugu television show that a >> Read More... Mudda Mandaram . Age is not a constraint when it comes to performance, says Haritha. When she played a 35-year-old woman for the first time in a serial, Haritha was just 18. Making the audience happy with her performance brings her joy, says Haritha.