Tamil Tv Serial Sri Krishna Avatharam

Sri Krishna Avatharam Tamil TV SERIALS on PuthuYugam TV

The show focuses on the life of Hindu deity Sri Krishna, the eighth avatar or incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The mythological drama illustrates the love-life of Lord Krishna and his beloved wife, Rukmini. It also represents some of the unseen episodes of his life such as his equation with his other wives like Satyabhama and Jambanti. This mystic show is a direction of Bhushan Patel and Mukesh Singh. Vishal Karwal grabbed the role of Dwarkadheesh Sri Krishna with his wit and charm, and Hemant Chadha will be seen essaying the character of Krishna’s elder brother Balram.

The gorgeous Priya Bathija has played the beautiful character of Rukmini. While actors like Gauri Harmit Kaur, Gautam Sharma, Shantipriya, Niki N, and Deer will be seen as Revathi, Arjun, Devaki, and Jarasandh respectively. Some eminent actors like Karan Khanna, Arun Singh, Urvashi Pardeshi, Rashmi Singh, Manik Singh, Gufi Paintal, and Sachin Verma will also be seen portraying the strong mythological personalities in the enigmatic show. Other than Krishna’s love life, the series also concentrate on his adventures as the youngest and mischievous prince of Dwarka along with his adorable relationship with Balram, his elder brother and an incarnation of Shesh- Nag.

Sri Krishna Avatharam will also retell the famous Hindu mythological tales of Krishna’s killing of the evil King of Mathura and his maternal uncle Kamsa, re-establishing the victory of good over evil. The show will also characterize the adventures of Little Krishna of Vrindavan such as that of his dance on Kaliya’s one hundred and ten heads to drive him away from the mighty river Yamuna, Krishna’s witty tactics to defeat the unethical and immoral earthlings or demons - Jarasandh, for instance.

Coupled with some episodes from his visit to Hastinapur to restore Indraprastha serenely to Pandavas on the whole to avoid the Battle of Kurukshetra. Not to forget the Krishna- Sudama Milan, where Krishna gets to meet his childhood friend Sudama from Gurukul, who is by the time poverty-stricken and compelled to take his help. Thereupon, viewers can expect to re-visit the enchanting, heart-warming, and melodramatic Krishnaleela (stories) from Lord Krishna’s birth to his teens, from his being the Prince of Mathura to mighty King of Dwaraka, covering the historical cities like Vrindavan, Dwaraka, Hastinapur, Indraprastha, and Mathura. This devotional serial intends to give moral preaching to everyone be it those innumerable religious devotees of Lord Krishna or some atheist spiritual souls in their search for truth and peace through the examples of his life, his actions, his morality, and principles.