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Other names of Gauri Harmit Kaur: Gauri Singh, Harmeet kaur
Hindi Tv Actress Gauri Harmit Kaur
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Gauri Harmit Kaur is a Indian television actress who was born and brought up in Mumbai. She is engaged on the project of television serial ‘ Meera Meera is Tamil mega serial that is being aired in >> Read More... ’ and portrays the character of Veer Kunwari. She became popular and began to have a small fan base following her after her part in the serial ‘DwarakaDheesh’. The character she played in the serial ‘Dhwarakadheesh’ received a lot of positive reviews and critical acclamations. The role in ‘Dhwarakadheesh’ helped her to be noticed and her talent and potential were realized by other directors.

It did not take her long to sign for her next TV serial project i.e., ‘Meera’. Both the serials in which she has acted are of historic importance and are mythological television shows.  ‘Dhwarakadheesh’, is a television show about historical happenings and the story is based on the life of Lord Krishna. It portrays the story of divine life that is among Lord Krishna and Rukmini. The television show staged those incidents that are not frequently showed in other historic television shows that way creating uniqueness in the show.

The television serial showed those parts that are rare but of equal importance and portrayed them through songs and dances. The character Lord Krishna was played by the actor Vishal Karwal Born on 18th November, 1984, Vishal Karwal always >> Read More... . As both the serials she has acted went on to become all-time favorites of the viewers she was setting a trend of acting on only mythological shows herself. If the rumors are to be believed then the small time small screen actor is all set to act as Kaushalya, the mother of Lord Ram in the next television show, ‘ Mahadev Mahadev is an Odia Television Serial Aired in Star >> Read More... ’.


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