Tamil Tv Serial Rajakumari

Rajakumari Tamil Tv serials on Sun tv

Rajakumari” is a popular teleserial telecast in the Tamil channel Sun TV. It is a successful drama depicting the main character who is a strong woman. She wants to lead a simple and peaceful life. But people around her are having different motives. This causes lots of problems to her and she faces them with her positive energy and support from few faithful friends and relatives. This story is well presented with the right mix of suspense which the television viewers want on a daily basis. The heroine’s struggles as well as success, are shown in a practical manner which made this serial stick to many easily.

This serial’s main star cast include famous actress Ramya Krishnan, Sarath Babu, Geetha, Anu Hasan, Sidharath and Ramesh. It was written by S. Ashok Kumar, whose story is crafted to perfection with the brilliant screenplay by R. Vijay. It is directed by 'Nakkeeran' and Sulaiman Babu.

“Rajakumari” serial is well received by all viewers, especially young women who wanted to achieve something in life. They saw the heroine of Rajakumari as a reflection of their own personality and wanted to learn good things from the character. This was well understood by the team creating “Rajakumari” and they worked on making it hugely positive. Irrespective of the difficulties that the heroine faces, she shows a smile and sees to it that it is resolved the best possible way, without showing any negative emotions. Even if others are trying to do only bad things to her, she is not leaving her own personality. This addictive behaviour made this serial a huge success among television watchers in Tamil Nadu. This serial has won a number of awards and remade into other south Indian languages.