Tamil Tv Serial Piriyadha Varam Vendum

Piriyadha Varam Vendum Tamil TV SERIALS on Zee Tamil

Piriyadha Varam Vendum is a Tamil serial broadcast on Zee Tamil channel. With more than two hundred episodes on air, this is a love story which is given a second chance to blossom as it remained incomplete in the past. This story starts from the era of kings and queen. A queen named Chitra is seen killing Amaravati, a peasant girl, so that her son, who was in love with her, cannot marry her. The queen did not approve the relationship, as the girl was poor and not of the same caste as the boy. The queen wants to get her son married to her niece. The niece helps the queen in eliminating Amaravati.

They both kill Amaravati right in front of the king ie, the queen’s son. His hands are tied and he is unable to save the love of his life. The death of his soul mate affects him such an extent that he dies in the shock. After three hundred years the peasant girl, the king, the queen, and the niece are reborn. The peasant girl is reborn as Durga, the king as Rishi, and the niece as Madhumita. Now Rishi is an actor and Durga a village girl. Rishi is shooting in a village in which a scene reminds him of the incident three hundred back in which Amaravati was killed. He shakes that feeling away and completes his scene.

But in that village lives Durga, the present-day Amaravati. Just one eye contact between them is enough to make them realize that they are drawn towards one another. But Rishi's mother and Madhu are once again ready to create havoc in their lives. But despite every odd Durga and Rishi’s love story keep on blossoming. They just want the consent of Rishi’s mother before marrying. The only thing stopping them is her consent. After innumerable attempts to kill Durga or kidnap her,  Rishi's mom finally agrees to accept Durga as her daughter in law. But are her intentions pure? Because Rishi himself is surprised to see his mother cooperate with him regarding this matter. What is her ulterior motive? Would Rishi and Durga be able to complete their love story? To confirm this just watch this show. Spoiler alert: Madhu is really sorry for what she did to Durga in her past and present.