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Tamil Tv Serial Kaialavu Manasu

Other names : Kai Alavu Manasu
Kaialavu Manasu Tamil Tv serials on Vijay tv

Kaialavu Manasu depicts the story of a widow named Sharada, who faces the challenge of being diagnosed with deadly heart disease. Due to the helplessness of her situation, she decides to give all three of her children for adoption. Sharada then undergoes surgery due to the generosity of a philanthropist named Gururengan, and she manages to escape death. Soon she begins to regret her decision of giving up her children and desires to bring them back.

But upon her friend, Gururengan’s advice, she gives up the idea and moves with her life by starting a new career and working with the man who saved her life. Although many years pass by, even as a successful woman, Sharada cannot forget about her children and tries again to find them, only to realize that they have grown up and moved on.

So she is left with the decision to either enter back into their lives or watch them continue and move on it. The series was aired on Sun TV and was directed by K. Balachander.