Tamil Tv Serial Nachiyarpuram

Nachiyarpuram Tamil TV SERIALS on Zee Tamil

Nachiyarpuram is a Tamil serial broadcast on the Zee Tamil channel from 8:00 PM to 8:30 PM. With more than two hundred episodes on air, this romantic serial has won many hearts. The name of this show is actually the name of the place where the story of the rivalry between these two families began. These families are the sworn enemies, who meet after sixteen years to solve yet another dispute between them. Exactly sixteen years before the son of one of the family was imprisoned for killing a member of the other family.  Now the children of the families are grown up. The son of enemy family number one falls in love with the daughter of the other enemy clan. The son’s name is Karthik, who is a sweet shop owner, falls in love with Jyothi, an advocate, not knowing that their families have a long-standing ancestral property fight. They face many difficulties to just convince their families to meet once without killing one another.

Karthik and Jyothi have no clue that their families have such ruthless history. They are the most fun and loving couple. The way of their meeting is really unique. Once they meet in a public vehicle in which Jyothi leaves her phone and Karthik calls her some absurd name, not knowing her actual name. And she turns back upon listening to that name. After this incident, Jyothi bumps into Karthik while being chased by a dog. Both of these scenarios are funny. An astrologer predicts that Jyothi will marry a distant relative of her father. And that relative is non-other than Karthik. Slowly the families of these two keep on meeting coincidentally. Once they meet in a temple, where the families insult each other and Jyothi and Karthik realize that something is seriously wrong between their families.

After many complications, they do get married. But now a new problem has arrived. A girl named Divya claims to love Karthik the most and warns Jyothi to stay away from him. She gets jealous and behaves irrationally when it comes to Karthik. She will do anything to make Karthik love her, which might even include defaming Karthik or her own self. Even after their marriage, their family members keep on trying to create differences between Karthik and Jyothi. Despite every odd and many misunderstandings, this couple emerges victorious. This serial is worth watching as it has the right amount of love, romance, and fights. The story is presented beautifully.