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Written By - Team Nettv4u

Om Shakthi is a newly started serial on Colors Kannada. The series is also often called as Om Shakthi Om Shanthi kannada. The show happened to air from 8 February 2016. It comes on Colors Kannada from Monday to Friday at 9 PM. The core theme of the serial around which the story revolves is it is the saga of revenge and redemption. The whole plot of the series is based on this only. The story deals about two girls who used to live with their aunt. One of them was nice and used to love her aunt. She was of calm nature and never opposed her aunt. The second one was a rebellious kind of behaviour.

She was up to taking up of revenge from her aunt always. She never liked her and thus wanted to take revenge from her aunt. Thus the plot describes that whether love would be able to overcome that hatred? Or it would be the hatred of the girl that would win in last? To know more about it then keep watching the serial. As it is new serial aired on Colors Kannada it has only shown 12 episodes till now. In these starting sections they have introduced both the girls and their nature and behaviour towards their aunt. They also reveal the character of aunt of both the girls. It stands to show that the aunt loves and takes care of both the girls equally and that she does not discriminate in them, after the repeated bad actions done by the second girl.

She is the guardian to both the lads and behaves in a proper manner with them. Thus the story will take a turn when there would be a heart change and her heart would melt of the second girl and she would be sorry for her earlier actions and misbehaviour with her aunt. She would apologise for her misconduct and that her soft natured aunt would forgive her. Thus leading it to a happy ending of the show. Although the way is too far but it would be nice to watch what unfolds in the story. Thus the theme totally fits in with the plot as first she would take revenge on her aunt but later on when she would realise her mistake she would repent and feel sorry for what she has done. Thus based on a unique and different story the serial is expected to earn more TRP's. 

The Om Shakthi Om Shanthi Kannada cast details can be found on the sidebar. The show was immensely popular and people still remember all the Om Shakthi Om Shanthi Kannada episodes.


Rajasekar - Tamil Tamil TV-Actor
DOB: 4 February 1962
Rajasekar - Tamil
Venkat Prabhu Tamil Director
DOB: 7 November 1975
Venkat Prabhu
Aadhi Pinisetty Tamil Movie Actor
DOB: 14 December 1982
Aadhi Pinisetty
Amyra Dastur Tamil Movie Actress
DOB: 7 May 1993
Amyra Dastur
Aishwarya R Dhanush Tamil Director
DOB: 1 January 1982
Aishwarya R Dhanush