Tamil Tv Serial Manikoondu

Manikoondu was a Tamil Television serial. This serial was first aired on Tamil Channel Sun TV. There was one tower clock in the city of Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India from which the name of serial was taken. This is known to be the best Comedy Drama Show. This serial was made on the different families of society. This serial showed events that what happens in a daily life of these families in the neighbourhood. The issues or problems of these families in this serial were interconnected with each other’s. This serial was revolved around these three families their daily issues and how they tackled these problems.

The lead cast of this serial was ' Sanjeev', ' Sreeja Chandran', ' Nirmala', 'Shakthi Siva'.

Manikoondu was first time aired in June 2008 and is airing continuously from Monday to Friday at 12:00 pm on Sun TV.