Sumangali Tamil Actress
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Sumangali is a popular supporting actress from Tamil Stage dramas and Television serials. She is well known for her comical roles as the wife of “ Madhu,” a creation of Crazy Mohan Crazy Mohan was born as Mohan Rangachari on Octobe >> Read More... Crazy Mohan . She acted in a number of serials and had acquired hundreds of hours of stage drama experience with which she entered the world of movies and television. She has proven her talent through these media and remains a popular actress in Tamil Nadu.

Sumangali is from Chennai. She wanted to be part of the media world from a very young age and tried hard to procure her first opportunity. That’s when the “Crazy Creations” group saw her perform and asked her to act as the heroine of their plays. It was a tough task to do, but an enjoyable one that Sumangali picked and completed perfectly. She went on to become a famous artist. This also provided her multiple opportunities to enter the television world.

Sumangali originally acted in television serials such as “Crazy Times” where she continued to play the same stage role. But from there, she moved to other character roles and proved her talent in those as well. Her popular serials include 'Bhairavi' and ' Puthu Kavithai'. She also acted in a few movies in supportive roles. Her stage experience helped her take on challenging roles and execute them perfectly, as per the director’s demands. This led to her huge fan following, especially among the television serial viewers in Tamil Nadu, who consider her as an important actress of her generation with the ability to take on diverse roles, ranging from comical to serious. This is a great achievement for any artist.