Archana Mohan is a TV host who is very popular as the gossipy anchor on Sun TV. Cinema news is in demand by viewers every day. In response to which, Sun TV had aired ‘ Cinema Seithigal Cinema Seithigal is a films based reality show whi >> Read More... Cinema Seithigal ’ that provides the latest details on Kollywood cinema and information on the viewers favorite stars, their current projects, controversies, details on upcoming news and other matters that relate to Kollywood. This show has characterized Archana Mohan’s skill as a TV anchor. She is honest and takes rigid standards of excellence.

Kollywood is heavily star-dependent and hence, sycophancy-led, yet she makes no compromise while passing any judgment on Kollywood stars and their releases even. She always looks up to Kollywood from the audience’s point of view, which is undoubtedly a wonderful balance as an anchor. Her show, ‘Cinema Seithigal’ is always well informed and incisive. Sun TV has got the best technological turn-around for Tamil TV anchors, and it was these few anchors who mainly changed the content flavor of the show.‘Cinema Seithigal’ was an example.

The TV show brings stories from deep inside the happenings of the Kollywood stars studio, which is comprised of all veterans and some stars who are also emerging into the cine industry. Hence, Archana has struck a chord with the audience in her own way. Archana is a clear leader (TV host) to look up to in the anchoring industry.

Despite her success, she is very much a down-to-earth person and realistic. The show has brought her many laurels, and her popularity with Sun TV has people seeking her. As an anchor with Sun TV, her reputation grew as she became popular with the ‘ Cinema News Cinema News is an entertainment news show broadcas >> Read More... Cinema News ’ show. She is today the main face of ‘Cinema Seithigal’.