Tamil Tv Serial Magarasi

Other names of : Maharasi
Magarasi Tamil TV SERIALS on SUN TV

Magarasi is a Tamil serial telecasted on Sun TV. The serial was directed by SP Rajkumar and then by Sundareshwaran. Anuradha Sarin and Sathishkumar are the producers. The cinematography is by Ilayaraja and the music composition is by Krish. Pa Vijay penned the theme song. The serial started airing on 21st October 2019.

Chidambaram is a wealthy person in a village. He has a lot of businesses, including a rice mill. He is married to Shenbagam and the couple has two sons and two daughters. Anbarasi is the eldest of all, followed by Puviarasan, Tamizharasan and Ilavarasi. The elder son, Puviarasan, gets lost at a young age. Although they searched him, they couldn’t find him. Chidambaram has a sister, Gomathi. She is residing along with Chidambaram’s family. Shenbagam has three brothers, an elder brother and two younger brothers. Her elder brother’s whereabouts are not known and two of her younger brothers are staying with her. One of Shenbagam’s brothers got married and has a daughter and Chidambaram’s sister also has a daughter. Gomathi wants her daughter to get married to Tamizharasan. Tamizh works in an IT company. He doesn’t want to marry his cousins and also loves his colleague, Ragini. As he knows that his people will not accept his marriage, he marries Ragini and has a son.

After hearing about her son’s marriage that happened without them, Shenbagam goes into a coma. Ragini spends lavishly and following this, both get separated. Later, Tamizh returns to their hometown with his son. While traveling by train, he narrates his story to his co-passenger, Bharathi. While getting out of the train, his family misunderstood Bharathi for Ragini and takes her home. Later, Bharathi reveals the truth. Then, they come to know that Ragini is none other than the wife of Puvi, their missing son. What happened to Puvi? Who chases Bharathi and why was Bharathi traveling alone? The rest of the story deals with this.

The serial has the star cast of “Praveena” and Deepan Chakravarthy as Shenbagam and Chidambaram. “Sriranjini” replaced Praveena and Poovilangu Mohan replaced Deepan Chakravarthy. Ragini’s character was done by Gayatri Yuvraj, Kavitha Gowda, Divya Ganesh, Vanitha Hariharan and Ashrita Sreedas. Ashwini did the role of Gomathi and later, Raghavi replaced her. Sneha Nambiar played the role of Bhanumathi and later, Shweta replaced her. Madhumitha Ilaiyaraja played Ilavarasi and Shamina replaced her. Divya Sridhar, SSR Aaryan, Ramji, Riyaz Khan, Mahalakshmi, Senthilnathan, Anju Prabhakar, Vinitha Jaganathan, Sivaji Manohar, Ravishankar, Vijay Anand, Ammu Ramachandran, Mithun Raj, Sathish, “Vaiyapuri,” “Srithika,” Papri Ghosh, Aarthi Subashm Vasu Vikram and Priya Sri are in the cast.