Malayalam Tv Serial Balaganapathy

Balaganapathy Malayalam Tv serials on Asianet tv
A child centric serial, Balaganapathy, speaks the story of Ram, a 10 year old kid who lost his mother at a very early age. Having heard the stories of Ganesha from his grandparents, the kid is a very strong devotee of Ganesha. Ram fails in most of his endeavors at school and is often ridiculed. However, his best friend Pooja and his class teacher is his source of solace. He prays ardently to Ganesha to save him from the cruel arms of his uncle who wants his father to marry his daughter. Hearing his plea for help, Lord Ganesha takes the avatar of Bala Ganapathy and comes for the rescue of Ram. The story thereafter, takes a shift and focuses on the success of Ram with the help of Bala Ganapathy. A very devotional story, set in the modern times – this is the unique feature of the serial. Intertwined with all the major elements that make any soap popular, this serial has its share of relationship issues, love and family conflicts. Bala Ganapathy takes revenge on everyone who plays the dirty game with Ram, be it even his father. Ram’s secret wish that his father marries his teacher instead of the lady who now rules the home forms the major element of the plot of the serial now.