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Kannada Tv Serial SapthaPadi

Saptha Padi Kannada Tv serials on Udaya tv

Sapthapadi is a Kannada language TV show. The TV show has been telecasted by one of the biggest Kannada language TV channel known as Udaya TV. The TV show is a family TV drama and a daily TV soap opera. The TV show runs for 30 minute on the TV screens. The show telecasts at 6.30 PM for the viewers. Sapthapadi TV serial has a story which revolves around a young girl whose name is Sevanthi. Sevanthi is yet not an adult. She is the female protagonist of this TV show. The make protagonist is Pruthvi. Sevanthi who is a young girl happens to get married to Pruthvi. As she is yet not an adult therefore, she had a child marriage with Pruthvi. But, Pruthvi doesn’t even have a single idea regarding this. This confusion of a girl who is a child happens to marry a guy who doesn’t even know that girl’s age forms up the whole story.

Divya has played the part of the actress. The TV show brings out the backwardness of few regions in the modern time and, also shows how much this issue is prevalent in a country like India. Later, in the story more characters join the show with different roles. There are ups and downs among Sevanthi and, Pruthvi in the beginning due to an unwanted and, unplanned marriage. But, later on as the show goes on and time passes by the two of them completely fall in love with each other. Then, the show takes on the story of love between the husband and wife; Pruthvi and, Sevanthi.

The twists in the story of Sapthapadi are made by the third character who is a female and she enters in the life of Pruthvi and Sevanthi and creates issues among them. But, the strength among the beautiful and leading couple fights all the odds to make the love win. The show has received high ratings, a huge amount of appreciation, love, awards nominations and, love as well. The characters of Pruthvi and, Sevanthi have received ample amount of love. The acting of the actors has also been appreciated critically. Also, the story of a girl who gets married at a young age and, the story of a guy who is a good person but falls into something evil like child marriage. But after this everything starts to fall in its place and the show goes on.