Kannada Tv Serial Gejje pooje

Gejje pooje Kannada Tv serials on Zee kannada

Gejje Pooje is a Kannada soap opera which is aired on Zee Kannada. It is aired daily at the prime time. Dharmaiah is the protagonist of the serial. The serial is about the protagonist being a flirt and a womanizer. He is a thirty-year old who never misses a chance to flirt with younger women. He is not a creep, he does not have any bad intentions, it is in his nature to talk in such a way to women.

He has this particular charm about him which makes most of the women fall in love with him. He has been with most of the girls in Sakaleshpur. His friends have warned him that one day he will be caught and people will lose faith in him. He doesn't heed to it and continues living the way he used to. Lakshmi is fed up of his behavior and vows to teach him a lesson.

Lakshmi is one of the girls who was in a relationship with him. She is a witty girl who believes in self-righteousness, and if she sees injustice happening to anybody, she will interfere and make it right. Dharmaiah knows all about her plans, and he is not at all worried. He doesn't think Lakshmi has the capability to do anything. Dharmaiah’s parents are also worried about him. They want their son to settle down and start a family. They join hands with Lakshmi to teach him a lesson.

They start by getting a girl to look like she is in love with him. She tries her best to lure him, but Dharmaiah doesn't care about her. He plans to go on a trip to Coorg. As he reaches there, he sees a girl and gets infatuated with her. He along with his friends tries to get her name, but it is proving to be a difficult task as she is with her family. Finally, they get to know her name, and a new friendship starts developing. She is also from Sakaleshpur. Her marriage date is fixed.

What follows next is the hilarious adventure through which Dharmaiah for the first time is desperate with Lakshmi and everyone else hooked on to teach him a lesson. The show was aired for quite some time on TV. It has a runtime of twenty minutes. The show gained minimal popularity as it could not convince the minds of the average viewer to watch the show.