Kannada Tv Serial Bangara

Bangara Kannada Tv serials on Udaya tv

Bangara is a Kannada TV serial being telecasted on Udaya TV from Monday to Saturday. Chief Creative is Raju, and Creative Head is Dinesha for this serial. This serial is directed by Abdullah. The story is written by Ashoka Kumar. Assistant Directors for this serial are Udayakumar, Prashant, and Girish.T. The famous film actor and TV serial actor Srinath plays the lead role as the village chief. The other casts are being played by T.S.Nagabarana, Padmavasanthi, and Vinayaprasad.

Rathi Arumugam, a film actress, plays a role in the lead cast as the daughter of the village chief. She started her career in Tamil films and then migrated to Telugu cinema and acted in six films. She has starred in Television serials such as Bangara in Kannada, Shanthi Nilayam in Tamil, Chithiram Pesuthadi in Telugu. Rathi is born and brought up in Bangalore. Other casts starring in the show are Ruthu, Shailaja Joshi, Sanyhose, Raghu Birur, Sudharashan andNaveen Kumar. This serial is co-directed by Srinivas and Vinoda. Executive producer is Soori.

The story is all about the village chief called Raja Raghunatha Boopathi who is a highly respected person. He has two wives Shantha and Kanchana. Raja Raghunatha Boopathi’s sister is Chandramathi, who complains about a property issue to the revenue office.Raja Raghunatha Boopathi after hearing this had a heart attack and was admitted to a Hospital. In the meantime, his nephew Kulashekar, a cunning person with power tries to grab the property. So, the story continues as this serial witnesses much more family dramas.

Because of the famous actor Srinath and the story itself, the serial has a huge viewer base running successfully.