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‘God could not be everywhere, so he gave us all mothers’…an adage that all of us have experienced at some point or the other. The importance of her role is indeed inexplicable. Holding on to this thought, Balaji Telefilms came up with a unique show called ‘Thank you maa.’ The show which was conducted by Ali Fazal and Sapna Pabbi was aired on May tenth, 2015 on Star Plus and M-Net. The day is special and very intelligently chosen, since it marks the occasion of Mother's Day. Apart from being a television show, it served the purpose of being the perfect forum for a lot of well known celebrities to express their gratitude towards their mothers and thanking her for everything she’s ever done for them. The show saw some spectacular performances by well-known celebs such as Shakti Mohan, Aditya Narayan among many others.

Showcasing their respective talents, Aditya Narayan sang the song ‘is Haiyan dish qi yan’ from the movie ‘Golliyon Ki Ras Leela...Ram Leela’ which completely enthralled the audience as many of them sang the tune along with him. Also, he dedicated a soulful song just to his mother who was seated in the audience. Not to mention a trip to the mall in Mumbai wherein he went and interacted with the crowd in general, caught hold of mother-daughter duos, interviewed them about the rapport they shared and made sure to greet all moms he met with a beautiful stem of red rose! In addition to this, Aditi Sharma, another well-known singer from the industry made her share of the contribution towards the show by singing her version of the song ‘mummy’.

Needless to say that the audience interaction was not ruled out, as a fun session with children on stage was carried out by Aditya Narayan. Living up to its name ‘Thank you maa,’ made sure it included mothers living all by themselves in homes meant for the elderly and making their day special as well! An excerpt of this is witnessed when; Karan Singh Grover visited one such home meant for the elderly in Mumbai. He greeted them with bouquets, small gifts, engaged them in talks by asking them about their likes, dislikes and things they did as children. Added to this, was a game of carom he played with one of them. All in all, the purpose of the show was justified very well, it was high on emotional content, and succeeded in its motive of expressing gratitude to mothers all around!