Abhinav Sharma Hindi Actor
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    - Supporting Actor

Abhinav Sharma is from New Delhi and he was the winner on Imagine TV’s marriage reality show, ‘Swayamvar’ Season 3, which was introduced as Ratan Ka Rishta Ratan Ka Rishta is a marriage reality television s >> Read More... Ratan Ka Rishta . Ratan Rajput Ratan Rajput was born in Patna and came to Mumbai >> Read More... Ratan Rajput is the bride for season 3. He first saw Ratan as a guest on a reality show and her face gives glow to his sight. His intelligence and humor was his main edge in winning Ratan Rajput, among the other participants. However, marriage for Abhinav is the strongest and purest relationship in the world. The two got engaged, but later on, their relationship started falling apart when Ratan realized that marriage is not for her. Since then, there has been no news on what happened to their relationship.

Abhinav is a software developer by profession and was a senior developer at Adobe Systems in Delhi. He proclaimed that he is a mama’s boy, and he always seeks for the approval of his mother in everything he does. Playing cricket, listening to music, and watching movies are some of his favorite hobbies. Abhinav has strong intention in entering politics and at present, he is following the current affairs of his place.