Hindi Tv Serial Thoda Hai Thode Ki Zaroorat Hai

Thoda Hai, Thode ki zaroorat hai was an Indian TV soap which was directed by the famous Ravi Rai. The show was based on a very unique concept. It showed how difficult it is to survive for a people who had just lost his/her loved one. This was a story of an Indian family where there was a beautiful bonding shared by the family. The parents had two sons and one of them was married. The story was completely different from the rest. The family went through many difficulties but they were left alone when their young married son died very early according to his age. It showed what it means to a human being losing someone who was very close to him/her. The show was very sensitive and serious. The show had only one concept- coping up with the loss of one’s loved one and thus the show didn’t go along well and many people thought that the show was stretched too much. But yet many people loved it as it had its root in reality.

After the death of their young married son their mind was filled with a lot of questions. They had no pragmatic answers of the question. They thought who will look after them but found no answer. They also thought about his wife’s condition. The question was that should she remarry? But they found no answer. They thought that she could earn but their thoughts went in vain as they were too sensitive about their daughter-in-law. The relationship of their daughter-in-law with many young people suspected them but they didn’t want to suspect her. Thus the show was very serious about daily life struggles after a close knit people died. They had no solutions but they had many questions. It was a very sensitive and serious show. Then the show was stretched with no good thinking at all. Only their miseries were shown with no good intent to fight against the miseries. But still the serious citizens of the country liked it very much and it touched the heart of those people who had lost their loved ones.

But many people liked it as it had a different concept in terms of other Hindi soaps but most of the people didn’t like it s the show was stretched too much without any good thinking. Thus the show was forced to shut down. The writer somewhat closed the show by bringing back their son to them and ended the show on a happy note.

The show won the Best Television Serial on by Screen awards on 1997 and the director won many awards for the show.

Sachin Khedekar played the role of the young son.

The show was premiered on 1997 and ended after completing its 104th episode on 1999. The show was broadcasted on Sony Entertainment Television.