Ravi Rai has worked in the film industry for nearly a decade now. He has worked as a Director, Assistant Director and Sa story Writer. He is also known as Ravi Rai Singhani. He is the brother of Anand.L Rai, a Bollywood director known for his comedy movies Tanu weds Manu, Tanu weds Manu: Returns and his political thriller Raanjhanaa. Unlike his brother, Ravi Rai was active mostly during the early 2000’s in the Television industry. Ravi Rai’s most prominent and notable work is Kasshish. For this, he was nominated for multiple awards like Best Script Writer, Best Screenplay and Best Director.

His other notable works include Sailaab, Thoda hai Thode ki zaroorat hai and Sparsh. These works laid the foundations for today’s television. After working as an Assistant Director in multiple serials and films, Ravi Rai got his break as director in the Zee TV series, Sailaab. After the huge success of this particular series he made yet another hit, Thoda hai Thode ki zaroorat hai. After this his fourth serial Sparsh also had a great audience following. Even today there are multiple searches in the web, hoping to find a glimpse of the yesteryear directors works.

As every artist’s journey comes to a standstill at some point in their life, for nearly a decade there has been no talk of Ravi Rai. In an interview conducted with Mr.Ravi Rai in 2013, he revealed his views on Today’s television and cinema. He believed that Television today has come to a standstill and no one is willing to take any risks and stated that he would return to the silver screen with only a revolutionary topic depiction society and feelings of the population. In 2013, he revealed that he was working on his autobiographical film titled ‘Maaya, Vanilla and Strawberries.’

The story revolves around the three friends Raju Kher Raju Kher is the younger brother of Anupam Kher an >> Read More... Raju Kher , Deepak Sinha Deepak Sinha is an Indian actor and director born >> Read More... Deepak Sinha and Ravi Rai himself. It tells about the friend’s hooliganism in Delhi and the story revolving around it. He had cast Ali Faizal to play himself in the movie. Other than this he has many projects in his mind like ‘Sorry Mr.Gandhi, I have to kill them’ and ‘Main Manjula Parmar.’ The first one revolves around killings of corrupt politicians by youngsters and the second one tells the tale of a young rural girl’s dream to play Basketball for India. His works have mostly been on hold for unmentioned reasons, and we are all hoping for him to do his magic on the screen soon.