Ravi Rai has worked in the film industry for nearly a decade now. He has worked as a Director, Assistant Director and Sa story Writer. He is also known as Ravi Rai Singhani. He is the brother of Anand.L Rai, a Bollywood director known for his comedy movies Tanu weds Manu, Tanu weds Manu: Returns and his political thriller Raanjhanaa. Unlike his brother, Ravi Rai was active mostly during the early 2000’s in the Television industry. Ravi Rai’s most prominent and notable work is Kasshish. For this, he was nominated for multiple awards like Best Script Writer, Best Screenplay and Best Director.

His other notable works include Sailaab, Thoda hai Thode ki zaroorat hai and Sparsh. These works laid the foundations for today’s television. After working as an Assistant Director in multiple serials and films, Ravi Rai got his break as director in the Zee TV series, Sailaab. After the huge success of this particular series he made yet another hit, Thoda hai Thode ki zaroorat hai. After this his fourth serial Sparsh also had a great audience following. Even today there are multiple searches in the web, hoping to find a glimpse of the yesteryear directors works.

As every artist’s journey comes to a standstill at some point in their life, for nearly a decade there has been no talk of Ravi Rai. In an interview conducted with Mr.Ravi Rai in 2013, he revealed his views on Today’s television and cinema. He believed that Television today has come to a standstill and no one is willing to take any risks and stated that he would return to the silver screen with only a revolutionary topic depiction society and feelings of the population. In 2013, he revealed that he was working on his autobiographical film titled ‘Maaya, Vanilla and Strawberries.’

The story revolves around the three friends Raju Kher, Deepak Sinha and Ravi Rai himself. It tells about the friend’s hooliganism in Delhi and the story revolving around it. He had cast Ali Faizal to play himself in the movie. Other than this he has many projects in his mind like ‘Sorry Mr.Gandhi, I have to kill them’ and ‘Main Manjula Parmar.’ The first one revolves around killings of corrupt politicians by youngsters and the second one tells the tale of a young rural girl’s dream to play Basketball for India. His works have mostly been on hold for unmentioned reasons, and we are all hoping for him to do his magic on the screen soon.

Navin Batra Hindi Actor

Navin Batra

Navin Batra is a screenwriter, director, and even a music video director. He works predominantly for Hindi films and music industry. Ace director Navin Batra has been in the industry for 18 years and has directed more than 100 video albums & more than 200 TV commercials for reputed brands. Navin Batra is a video music director who got associated with T-Series, Apna Punjab with latest Punjabi song sung by Shankar Sahney, and its music was composed by Urban Mude. Music label was T-series. The song Sahiba was hit with the young generation. The video starred Rahul Chaudhary and Sana Khan. The album released in 2017. He made his debut as a screenwriter for the movie 'Ab Hoga Dharna Unlimited' (2012) which released in 2012. The film was a comedy movie directed by Deepak Tanwar. This film had a modest production value and some good humor. The film was written by Naren Batra, and it was produced by Chandra Bhushan Singh and Deepak Tanwar. Later on, in the year 2012. Navin Batra steeped in direction and directed his first movie 'Super Model' which was based on wine Baron Malliya. The film depicted how calendar girls emerged in the industry and depicted their style of life. It presented the dark side of the glamour industry, and how girls get exploited. The film starred Pakistani actress Veena Malik. The male lead actor was Ashmit Patel who’s the brother of Amisha Patel. Harsh Chhaya played the role of the wealthy boss as a wine baron. In order to keep the bikini girls glamour in the movie, Veena Malik wore bikinis in many scenes which were not necessary at all. It was done just to titillate the audiences. Recently, after Arvind Kejriwal became the chief minister of New Delhi, it was announced that Navin Batra was assigned to make a political thriller 'Ek Tha Arvind.' In the year 2014, Marwah Studios announced a political thriller, 'Ek Tha Arvind,' whose director would be Naveen Batra, and it would be produced by Gurmeet Singh Sodi and Lokesh Dutt Sharma. It was considered to be a film made on the life story of Delhi chief minister Arvin Kejriwal. The film was launched at Asian Business School, Noida and it narrates the role of an MBA man how he shifted his journey to political circle. The film was announced to be made under the banner of Ritika Films International and Shoot Essentials. Jackie Shroff, Gajendra Chauhan, Raju Kher, and Deepshikha are in the main roles. We have no idea if the film ever moved further or not. As there was another socio-political documentary movie on Arvind Kejriwal in 2017 titled 'An Insignificant Man' which was directed by Vinay Shukla and Khushboo Ranka. The film was co-produced by Anand Gandhi.


Munnawar Bhagat

Munnawar Bhagat is a director. He was born in India. He mainly works with the Bollywood Cinema. He has Indian Nationality. He did films projects of different genres. He did the best direction. He has provided his best assistant at the time direction. Munnawar Bhagat has well versed with the screenplay writing, story, and dialogue writing. Munnawar has worked with other directors and producers in his life. He has lots of experience of working as a director. Apart from the Hindi film industry, he did movies in another origin too. He has worked with multiple artists. He did his venture Lakhon Hain Yahan Dilwale in the year 2015. Its release date occurs on September 4 and in the year 2015. It has a genre of Romance and dram. Its running time is one hour and fifty-four minutes. Its cast is as Kritika Gaikwad- A lead actors, Aditya Pancholi- a veteran actor, Vije Bhatia- an actor, Munnawar Bhagat- director and writer and many more. Munnawar is the director, producer, and writer by profession. And others did the acting including Hasmukh. It shot under the production of Meera Shamim Films. It shot in the Hindi language Mohammed Rafi, and Mahendra Kapoor has given the tribute by this film. Vije Bhatia did the Arsh, Krutika Gaikwad did the Swara, Aditya Pancholi did the Vittal Dada, Hasmukh did the Arun Bakshi, Satish Jaggi, Raees Khan, Mrs. Meena Samim, and Mrs. Narang did the Anju Mahendra's role. Reet did the music director who has managed the whole department of music. It shot in India. Reet is also a film score composer in the movie industry. Shashikant Mena is the assistant director of the project. Kasturi Shelar did the cinematography. Editing has done by R Ghaadi. It has distributed by the production of Meera Shamim Films. In this film, Munnawar did the role of Swara's father. He is also a writer. As a director, Writer, and Producer, he did Nivdung in the year 2016. As a director, Writer, and producer, an actor he did Laakhon Hain Yahan Dilwaley in the year 2015. Nivdung has a genre of drama and fantasy. Its release date is October 21 and the year 2016. Mahendra Patil has quoted the dialogues. Its cast and crew include as Sanskruti Balgude, Prajakta Dighe, Astad Kale, Shekhar Phadke, Bhushan Pradhan, Sara Shravan and many more. It shot in the Marathi language. It has lasted on the screen is one hour and fifty-seven.

Munnawar Bhagat Hindi Actor