Hindi Tv Serial Shaka laka boom boom

Shaka laka boom boom Hindi Tv serials on Dd national

As the name suggests, it’s magical. But it’s not black magic or any evil magic. It’s an awesome fun ride of a few children where the main character Sanju has the magic pencil. Every single thing drawn from this pencil turns into reality. This was among the first shows on TV that made children fall for it because of its plot & the characters. Here the magic mixes with the innocence of the children that is worth watch. It became so popular that unlike shows of that time it was stretched over 4 seasons. The children even I (at that time) tend to complete the homework in a jiffy in order to watch the show. It had all the excitement, pace & magic embedded with the innocence of the children that it found a lot of fan-following in adults also.

It was great to watch that a magic pencil was the ultimate ‘hero’ of the show. It became so popular from the marketing prospectives also that dummy Shaka Laka Boom Boom pencils were introduced in the market & they were a big hit.We have children had dreams in the night that we have got the magic pencil & we are painting this world with our innocent imagination. Although it was a fictional show, but it was so accepted by the people that children & adults were seen talking about it saying ‘What will happen today?”, ‘What will Sanju draw today?’ & Other questions like that.

It was the show that broke the ice & made way for the fictional TV serials in Indian television. It’s so popular that the children who are grown up now still see this show on Internet. I often fell nostalgic & I am feeling that writing this. True Masterpiece!!