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Ruk Jaana Nahin is an Indian soap opera telecasted on Indian Entertainment channel Star Plus. The serial originally ran from December 19, 2011, to November 23, 2012. The show had done shooting in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. Ruk Jaana Nahin ran for 248 episodes for almost a year and relished humongous popularity among the viewers and was directed by Santram Verma Santram Verma was born in 1970. He is a male direc >> Read More... , produced by Kamal Pandey Kamal Pandey is a well-known and renowned Indian w >> Read More... and Paresh Rawal The Padma Shri award winner who shot to fame with >> Read More... , and was written by Kamal Pandey, Girish Dhamija Girish Dhamija who has penned some delightful dial >> Read More... , and Garima Goyal.

The story of Ruk Jaana Nahin revolved around the girl next door Saanchi Mathur Singh played by actor Pooja Sharma Pooja Sharma is an Indian television actress, anch >> Read More... . The male protagonist of the serial, Indu Singh, was played by actor Aniruddh Dave. The other supporting roles of this show were part by Paridhi Sharma Paridhi Sharma is popularly known as the beautiful >> Read More... , Ishita Vyas Ishita Vyas is 22 years old and best known for he >> Read More... , Neena Singh Neena Singh is an Indian film actress, popular amo >> Read More... , Gyan Prakash Had not Anurag Kashyap’s film ‘Bombay Velvet’ (201 >> Read More... , and Vijay Kumar Bio coming soon... >> Read More... . The story of Ruk Jaana Nahin is the story of Saanchi –who moves to Varanasi along with her family to start her college education.

Saanchi had led a quiet and sheltered life up to date. For the first time, he faces various problems, hurdles, and challenges in the male-dominated society.

 Saanchi was a very different character from her contemporary TV serial’s female protagonists. She didn’t fight, shout or create a scene of chaos. Instead, Saanchi faces and accepts the challenges, tries to solve them and change the decisions and attitude of other narrow-minded people with her diplomatic and intelligent approach.

Saanchi’s path of exploring the world around her, finding the real meaning of life, pursuing her dreams and ambitions while taking care of her family composed the plot of Ruk Jaana Nahin. The love story between the local goon Indu Singh (the male protagonist) and Saanchi also added an interesting angle to the story plot.

Another Version

Saanchi is an ordinary yet determined girl whose life changes after she moves to Varanasi to study in college. With every passing day, she faces new complications and realizes that in this male-dominated society, speaking up is not always the best solution. She aims to change the perception and mindset of the people around her instead of fighting unnecessarily. Her calmness and intelligence make her unique. However, her life takes an unusual turn when a local goon, Indu, falls in love with her. His affection towards Saanchi increases gradually, which creates more trouble for Saanchi. He starts troubling Saanchi and her family to get her attention. Indu finally sends a marriage proposal to Saanchi. Saanchi hesitatingly accepts the proposal for the sake of her family's well-being. After this, Saanchi sets on a mission to get information about Indu's life and stop the wedding. But his plan flops when Indu's mother accepts this wedding. This incident disheartens Saanchi, but she still does not give up and comes up with another plan. With the help of her mother, Saanchi creates a fake horoscope chart and presents it to Indu. She tells him that according to her horoscope, their alliance will hurt the life of Indu's mother. This fact leads Indu to make a heartbreaking decision. Indu decides to end the dream of getting married to Saanchi. Even after separating their ways, Indu still has a distinct corner for Saanchi in his heart. Indu's mother cannot see her son's pain and decides to take the help of Saanchi. She asks Saanchi to wear modern clothes so that Indu starts disliking her. Saanchi does what Indu's mother told her. When she went on the roads wearing such clothes, Indu got furious. He started drinking to forget Saanchi. He confronted her about all this in front of everyone. Her attire and behavior gave pain to Indu. Saanchi rudely replied to Indu and pushed him away. Indu got angry but kept quiet. One day, when Saanchi was in the market, he saw Saanchi getting harassed in public, and he could not prevent himself from helping her. He fought for her and saved her. Saanchi finally sees the caring side of Indu and becomes infatuated with him. The new feelings emerging in her heart confuse her. Saanchi finds herself entangled in the web of complications. It is intriguing for the viewer to watch how the events turn.


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