Jagesh Mukati is a dedicated Hindi actor who has been acting in the Bollywood film industry since the late nineties. Even though he has acted only in a handful of movies, his signature look of well-combed, oiled hair, chubby cheeks, and square-framed glasses, has received a special place in the hearts of all moviegoers, young and old alike. He has, like many other actors in the industry, taken a lot of struggle to make it finally on the screen. He started his career as a supporting actor in small dramas and plays, some performed in theaters, and some even performed at religious festivals.

Jagesh had a deep passion for acting since his childhood, and everyone who has ever witnessed his performance is made aware of this talent almost instantly. Certainly, it is his dedication and commitment to his performance that gave him a break into the movie industry. His first film was ‘Mann’, which was released in 1999. Featuring Amir Khan in the lead role, Mann was a love story which was well-received by the audience at that time and Jagesh’s performance as a supporting character received attention since it was the first time that anyone had tried the looks which he wore for the movie. It was since then that he adopted it as his signature look and followed it through his later work- ‘Hasee oh Phasee’ in 2014.

In 2013, Jagesh appeared on the mini screen in a TV show known as ‘Amitaka Amit,' which deals with the story of a young girl who is confronted by the fact that she has to choose her father from two people before her, one of which is played by JageshMukati. The series was a huge hit since it proved that the serials were not a career option which was dominated exclusively by women. Jagesh completely stole the show and the hearts of the audience along with it. According to him, his brother, who was a father of a little girl, had a deep influence on him. The fact that his brother was an excellent father to his child inspiredJagesh to take up a similar role in the serial.