Hindi Tv Serial Mohabat Subh Ka Sitara Hai

Mohabat Subh Ka Sitara Hai Hindi TV SERIALS on HUM TV

Mohabbat Subh Ka Sitara Hai was initially a Pakistani TV serial that was telecast on the HUM TV, originally made in the Urdu language. Later, it was dubbed in Hindi language and aired on the Indian television channel Zindagi from 13 May 2016 - June 8, 2016, Monday to Saturday, under the same name, comprising a total of 23 episodes. It is based on Umera Ahmed’s popular Novel, “Ye Jo Subha Ka Ik Sitara Hai”.

This serial portrays the drama happening in the life of a deprived orphan girl, Romaisa, who resides with her cruel and greedy aunt. The only people she could trust were her friends Nosheen, Nabeel and Zeeshan, who is the brother of Nabeel. Nabeel is a youthful wealthy businessman who eventually falls for Romaisa and ends up marrying her. Except for Zeeshan, none of Nabeel’s relatives are happy with Romaisa. Nabeel’s family gave a hard time for Romaisa. Meanwhile, Romaisa’s aunt started to demand extravagant stuff from Nabeel and he tried his best to satisfy Romaisa.

After few months, unfortunately, Nabeel dies in a car accident. After the death of Nabeel, Romaisa’s in-laws started to treat her like a servant. Romaisa’s aunt comes to know that Nabeel has left a lot of property in Romasia’s name, and so takes Romaisa back into her house. Her aunt filed a legal suit to claim the property that Nabeel has left in Romaisa’s name. But Zeeshan interferes and brings back Romaisa to her in-laws’ residence. Nabeel’s family started to treat her worse. The serial gets intriguing as more drama unveils when they come to know that Nabeel has written all his wealth in Romaisa’s name. Soon,

Romaisa gives birth to Nabeel’s daughter, Maham. Romaisa’s cunning father-in-law persuades Zeeshan to marry Romaisa, acting as if it is for her security. But Zeeshan has already married Rabia unofficially and was waiting to ask his parents’ permission. Soon, Rabia demands a divorce from Zeeshan and gets it. Eventually, Zeeshan marries Romasia, but is not interested towards Romaisa. Since Zeeshan is a cop, he is always working most time of the day. One such day, Zeeshan gets shot while working and is forced to rest at home until complete recovery. Meanwhile, Maham gets attached to Zeeshan so much that she started to call him as “ Papa Click to look into! >> Read More... ”.

Romaisa takes care of her injured new husband and slowly Zeeshan realizes Romaisa’s situation. Zeeshan’s mother advises him to leave Romaisa and to marry another girl, but Zeeshan refuses to listen to his mother. Now, Zeeshan identifies the real reason behind his advice was just to keep Nabeel’s wealth within the family. Zeeshan shouts at his parents about how he is disappointed with their behavior and chooses to go away with Romaisa and the baby girl.