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Miit was hugely successful and critically acclaimed TV serial directed by acclaimed director Anurag Basu Anurag Basu is a jack of all trade Indian film/tel >> Read More... which aired on Zee TV from November 4, 2002 to July 24, 2003. The show was a classic modern day screen adaptation of Rabindranath Tagore’s hit and famous novel “Noukadubi” written in 1905. The basic concept of the story of the show is based on the concept of mistaken identities, where a woman is mistaken as someone who has died in a train accident.

The story revolves around the life of 4 major characters…Aakash, Aastha, Dr, Sankalp and Dr. Shruti. Dr. Sankalp and Dr. Shruti are collagues, Sankalp is attracted to Shruti but backs off when he comes to know that Shruti loves Aakash, who comes from a very different background from Shruti.. However, in turn of events Shruti rejects her family’s proposed marriage alliance and Dr. Sankalp marries his friend’s sister Nupur and Aakash gets married to Aastha…and board the same train incidentally.

Both the bride’s were covered in veil and sankalp and Aakash had not seen their bride’s face even for once. In a fateful twist of events the train is met with a terrible accident and Aakash looses all his relatives and his wife too. On the other hand Sankalp who was on the same train also gets separated from his wife and mistakens Aakash’s wife Aastha’s deadbody as his own wife and performs her last rites. Meanwhile, Aakash discovers Nupur, Sankalp’s wife in an unconscious state and mistakens her from her red wedding dress as his own wife aastha and takes to hospital for her treatment. Nupur suffers a memory loss from this accident and goes to Aakash’s home as his wife. In few days.

Aakash’s discovers that she is not his wife but continues to take care of her for the sake of humanity without letting Nupur know. Meanwhile, Aakash and Shruti meet again and knowing both are till single delightfully revives their old relationship. However, in few days Dr. Shruti comes to know about Aastha a.k.a Nupur and starts doubting Aakash’s loyalty and on the other hand, Aastha a.k.a Nupur becomes emotionally attached to Aakash…Will Nupur finally regain her memory ? will Aakash tell her the truth or will he continue this deception for the sake of Aastha’s welfare constitutes the rest of the story. The serial became quite popular with audiences and the performances of the lead actors-Vikas Bhalla/Hiten Tejwani (as Aakash), Deepa Parab Deepa Parab hails from Mumbai and she was interest >> Read More... as Aastha a.k.a Nupur, Raj S. Verma as Dr. Sankalp and Preeti Mehra Preeti Mehra is a glamorous Telegu actress. She ma >> Read More... as Dr. Shruti were loved and much appreciated.


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