Hindi Tv Serial Maha Kumbh: Ek Rahasaya Ek Kahani

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This serial is a mythological-cum-thriller drama which is presented by Arvind Babbal. Gautam Rode, who played the role of Saras in ‘ Saraswatichandra,’ played the protagonist Rudra in Maha Kumbh. The teaser and the poster promo was the biggest hit in the history of television.

People liked Gautam Rode in posters, and the series promo became an instant hit. Other cast included Payal Rajput and Mala Salariya in important roles. The first episode showed there was a bomb blast at the Kumbh Mela, and it was a plot to kidnap Shivanand (played by Manish Wadhwa).

Little Rudra, who got lost from his family, was found by Udaya Baba (played by Robin Das) and little Rudra is handed to a woman named Mai-Mui (played by Seema Biswas). The child Rudra grows up, but he could not ignore from his memory that he lost his father in the chaos after the bomb blast that happened in his early life. Rudra had a Garuda mark in his body.

But there is a mystery behind his Garuda mark. Rudra had a mysterious power, and he carried it all with indifference. It is believed that even today Garudas take care of ‘ Amrit’ from evil asuras. Hence, Rudra, though unaware, was one of the members of seven garudas who took birth every 144 years to guard the Amrit, which was churned by Devas and Asuras in Samudra Manthan.

It is based on this logic after every 144 years when a Mahakumbh Mela is organized on banks of river Ganges. Does Garuda still guard the nectar (Amrit) against going into the evil hands? This forms the rest of the story. The show gained higher TRPS in the beginning when the show was on the air.