Hindi Tv Serial Junior G

Junior G Hindi Tv serials on Dd national

Junior G was a superhero genre TV show written by Sanatan Nehru and Shrikant. The show was televised in India on DD national and DD Metro. The show was produced by Wide Angle Media. It was directed by Ghanshyam Pathak. The show's theme song was sung by the famous Bollywood playback singer Sonu Nigam. Junior G was a very popular show with the kids because of its superhero theme. The show was produced with a tight budget, but the show gained a lot of popularity and the show's TRP skyrocketed.

The show was listed amongst the Top 14 shows of its time. The show grew very popular and clashed with the other popular Doordarshan shows like Shaktimaan (which had high TRP rating during 90's due its popularity), Mayavi Nagri, etc. The show gained popularity also because it had a large number of female characters as villains. The story is about a 12-year old orphan boy Gaurav Ray, who lives with his uncle and aunt. His aunt named as Shanti in the show doesn't treat him well. His cousin Rahul also troubles him. He gets his superhero powers when two asteroids collide in space and a piece of the asteroid which contains superpowers falls near Gaurav's house.

The asteroid calls Gaurav to him, and a supernatural form appears which tells him that God has chosen him to get rid of evil in this era, and the evil is Fyomancho who if not destroyed will destroy the world. The supernatural form then transforms the asteroid rock into a ring and tells Gaurav how he can transform into a superhero by remembering God with his pure heart. Gaurav thus forms his alter ego called Junior G to fight evil villains like Fyomancho. The secret to Junior G's powers lies in his magic ring.

The show featured Amitesh Kochhar as the main lead superhero, Junior G. The main villain of the show is Fyomancho which was portrayed by Promod Moutho, the role of Gaurav Ray's aunt Shanti was portrayed by Meenakshi Verma. The show also featured a number of female villains like Magneto Women played by Aditi Shirwaikar ,Nagina by Ganga Mamgai, Lizard Woman by Nupur Alankaar and had many other villains also like Bona played by K K Goswami. Another villain in the show besides Fyomancho was Helma by Sunila Karambelkar. This villain was more powerful than Fyomancho but was defeated by Junior G who spares her life. The show with its superhero theme and action is sure fun to watch.