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Rabba Ishq Na Hove Hindi Tv serials on Zee tv
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Rabba Ishq Na Hove was an Indian Television Series that was based on a love story of three people. Basically, it was a three-sided love story that attracted the viewers. The series ended very early but now it seems that it will make its return shortly in the Serial Industry. The show is based on the life of Veera, an Air-Hostess who lived in a Flat which was gifted by her company. Her parents resided in the same city as Veera but Veera was a girl who loved to be independent and she wanted to do things according to her likeness and thus she lived alone.

She was a girl who was realistic about her thinking and she didn’t believe in fiction and rather considered it as nonsense and it made her very different from other human beings. On the other hand, she was very responsible to her job and thus did it very fluently. She didn’t aspire to become very rich because she knew the reality. The next character Vivan was completely different from her and he was a lady-killer. He always thought that life is there to enjoy and used to flirt girls often. His next target was Veera. But Veera who was unaware of Vivan’s character fell in love with him but Vivan broke Veera’s heart and made Veera very depressed.

But in the course of Flirting, Vivan started loving Veera which he understood later. Then Vivan wanted to pacify and solve issues with Veera but to no avail as Veera asked him to stay away from him. Then Veera got introduced to a mature and realistic man named Kushan. Then she married Kushan and after their marriage, she learned that Vivan is the brother of Kushan. After that, the story takes an interesting twist.

Vivan fell in love with Amisha and made intercourse with her. Thus Amisha was pregnant and decided to abort her baby. But Vivan’s mother was not ready to accept Amisha. On the other hand, Kushan and Veera were passing a great time after marriage. Thus the serial ended happily with Vivan and Amisha uniting and Veera and Kushan uniting.

Sangeeta Ghosh played the all important role of Veera. Varun Badola Varun Badola was born on 7 January 1974 in New Del >> Read More... played his Role as Kushan, Nikhil Arya Nikhil Arya is one of the popular faces of Indian >> Read More... as Vivan and Pooja Ghai Rawal Today, sitting in their 14th floor flat at Oshiwar >> Read More... as Amisha

The series was premiered on October 10, 2005 and continued till April 18, 2006. It ended after completing 55 episodes. The show was broadcasted two times a week and it was broadcasted by Zee TV.


Barun Sobti Hindi TV-Actor
DOB: 21 August 1984
Barun Sobti
Arhaan Behll Hindi TV-Actor
DOB: 16 August 1984
Arhaan Behll
Barkha Bisht Sengupta Hindi TV-Actress
DOB: 28 December 1979
Barkha Bisht Sengupta
Abha Parmar Hindi TV-Actress
DOB: 11 July 1963
Abha Parmar